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6 things that need to happen if Nina Dobrev Returns to ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Ladies and gents, let’s discuss what needs to happen if Nina Dobrev makes her much-awaited return to The Vampire Diaries! We’re not sure if this will actually happen, but we can hope. We’re rooting for Delena reuniting, for Bon-Bon and Elena both staying alive in the end, and more! With TVD season 8 quickly approaching, it’s time to get super excited (and sad) for what will be the final season. #NotReadyForTVDToEnd!

Let’s breakdown 6 things that needs to happen when Nina returns:

1. Delena reunion

Obvs, the number one thought when we think about Nina returning to the show is DELENA! Yes, m’loves, Delena need to have a much needed catch up (if you know what I mean *winks*) when Elena wakes from her slumber. Damon is madly in love with her and spent most of last season struggling to cope with the loss of her, so it would be lovely to see them pick up where they left off. But, with how things ended (Damon and Enzo crossing to the dark side thanks to the monster in the vault), Elena may be the only way to bring back Damon to the light. Are you excited to see Delena rekindle their love?

2. Bonnie and Elena somehow both survive their “curse”

As we all know, the horrible consequences of the “curse” put on both Elena and Bonnie is that if one of them is alive, then the other isn’t. As of right now, Bon-Bon is alive and well while Elena is in a deep slumber, so what would happen if Elena returns? If the curse is real, then if Elena is back, Bonnie dies (sobs!). But surely there is away around this. The show never fails to surprise me, so how can they not find a loophole to keep them both alive? If the writers can’t give us that, at least they should be kind and give us fans a scene where Bon-Bon and Elena are reunited briefly to give them time for last goodbyes. The thought of all this is making me ugly cry – wahh!

3. Both Gilbert siblings back in Mystic Falls

If one Gilbert sibling returns to TVD, then the other one has to come back too! Yes, I’m talking about Jeremy Gilbert! Wouldn’t it be the sweetest thing ever if both Gilberts were back in Mystic Falls and could reunite? I, for one, have missed Jer dearly since his exit, so I’m dying to see him back one last time too. Not only do I want Jeremy back for Elena, but also for Bonnie. We can’t forget the time Bon-Bon and Jer were a thing (a very cute thing), so it only makes sense that he comes back to say goodbye. I’ve already got the tissues ready!

4. Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline have a BFF sleepover like old times

Ever since Elena has been gone, we haven’t seen some good quality girl time on the show. Back in the early seasons of TVD, we used to see the the three besties being together a lot, and I think this needs to return to the show. I feel with this being the last season, it would be good to go back to its roots more, and that includes developing ‘old’ relationships and friendships. Wouldn’t you love to see Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline having girl time in season 8? Think: drinking wine, boy talk, and girly gossip – exactly what we need to see!

5. The whole gang getting back together

With Elena hopefully being back at some point, as well as Tyler Lockwood, the whole gang would be complete again. All we would need is for lil’ Gilbert to be back and it would be perfect! Despite who is left of the original Mystic Falls friend group on the show, a reunion scene of them all back together NEEDS to happen. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to reminisce about old times, catch Elena up on what she’s missed, and hear about their future plans. Obvi, a bottle of tequila (or two) needs to be added into the mix too.

6. Elena writes in her diary one last time

The show is called The Vampire Diaries after all, so it makes sense with it coming to an end that it goes back to the basics—aka characters writing in their diaries. I would love to know all of Elena’s thoughts on how she feels about all that she has missed (while in her slumber) and what she plans for the future. Elena will have missed a hell of a lot, and her relationships with people may not be as she left them. So surely Elena will need a way to deal with all of her emotions? Therefore, writing in her diary would be perfect! I think the closing scene of TVD season 8 should be all the main characters writing in their diaries. Who’s with me?

There are, of course, many more things that really need to happen if Nina returns to TVD! What would you like to see happen if Nina comes back? Share all your thoughts in the comment section below or give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all TVD news and posts here!

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The Vampire Diaries returns on Friday, October 21 on The CW.

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