4 things about the final ‘Fantastic Beasts’ trailer you may have missed

The final Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer was released yesterday! If you haven’t already, go ahead and watch it here now. Applause is obligatory.

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We have previously discussed what we think the Fantastic Beasts trilogy may have in store for fans, and this new trailer has only added to that list. There were 4 obvious things that stood out to me that we NEED to talk about! Now, let’s discuss.

  1. The MACUSA’s No-maj Paranoia

    It’s clear that the American Wizarding World is far more cautious in its relationship with muggles or no-majs. In the shot where we first enter the MACUSA (The Magical Congress of the United States of America), they even have a giant clock which measures their threat of exposure to the non-magical world. This is a huge contrast to the muggle-friendly government we experienced in Harry Potter where they just found muggles amusing. The British Ministry of Magic held close ties with the muggle government. Whereas MACUSA, up until the 1920’s, kept themselves unknown to the US. This distrust of no-majs is no doubt deeply rooted in the Salem Witch Trials, so it makes complete sense to have this shift in social dynamics across the pond.

  2. Percival Grave. The next Grindelwald?

    President Seraphina (Carmen Ejogo) name drops Gellert Grindelwald when mentioning the “attacks in Europe.” She claims that what’s happening in New York could “mean war.” Grindelwald is a friend from Dumbledore’s past who almost seduced him to the Dark Side on a quest for the Deathly Hallows. Comparing the events of New York to the rampage the Grindlewald went on in Europe after Dumbledore turned his back on him, may indicate another wizard in Fantastic Beasts is also treading the line between light and dark.

    The trailer cuts to Percival Graves (Colin Farrell), director of Magical Security, who questions “Who does this protect, us or them?” This clearly insinuates a dislike of the current hold the no-majs have over the Wizarding World. Just like Grindelwald, it appears Graves wishes to overturn the Statute of Secrecy and create a globe run by powerful Witches and Wizards. It’s also clear that he will no doubt manipulate the vulnerable and impressionable Credence (Ezra Miller) into joining him: “We’ve lived in the shadows too long.”

  3. Falling in Love with Newt’s world.

    When the first set of Harry Potter books were released we wanted nothing more than to visit the Wizarding World. However, here, it seems that Schamander’s magical suitcase zootopia is far more appealing. I believe his packed-away wonderland of greenery and beasts, both large and small, will mesmerize fans just as much as Hogwarts did when we first stepped inside with Harry.

  4. Hufflepuff REPRESENT!

    Newt Scamander is well and truly repping for all us Hufflepuffs out there. His awkward demeanor and kind smile feel warm and fluffy and Hufflepuffy. He befriends rather than excludes (wipes the memory) of the curious no-maj, Jacob Kowalski. This reinforces all the Hufflepuff vibes we’re going to experience in Fantastic Beasts. “I won’t let another one die,” Newt proclaims. I’m pretty sure it’s his precocious and, of course, fantastic beasts he’s talking about. Classic animal-loving Hufflepuff!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will now be released in November rather than December – an early Christmas present for us all. Let us know in the comments what you think of the trailer. Share with us anything you picked up on as well. It’s the perfect time to get talking, with this Harry Potter Wizarding World resurrection buzz and all!

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