David Mazouz talks ‘Gotham’ season 3 and new characters at Cincinnati Comic Expo

This past weekend, Bruce Wayne left Gotham and came to Cincinnati, OH. Why you ask? To go to Cincinnati Comic Expo, of course! David Mazouz took time out of his busy shooting schedule to come see us, taking a red-eye flight just four hours earlier. He hadn’t even slept, but no on in the audience could tell because he was such a delight.

So, what did we learn at Baby Bruce Wayne’s Q&A panel? Check it out!

His Start

1.David got into acting, because of his older sister. When he was younger, his sister started taking acting classes. Since she started classes, he wanted to take them too. Then, he got a commercial agent and away he went!

2.Before David was in Gotham, he was in Touch. He played a character named Jake Bohm. Why is this so cool? David, being the professional that he is, researched and studied autism to create this character! (The character was originally supposed to be autistic.) Now that is dedication!

3.David applied the same dedication when he was cast as Bruce Wayne in Gotham. When he was cast, he watched every interpretation of Bruce Wayne he could get his hands on. David also asked Warner Brothers for material. David has a giant Batman Encyclopedia he reads through every time a new character gets cast so he knows exactly who they are.

4. What is David’s favorite Batman movie? Tim Burton’s first one. Who is his favorite Batman? Christian Bale. Who doesn’t agree with that?

Season 3


5. What is in store, for Season 3 of Gotham? Bruce Wayne will begin, to take on his playboy persona! How is this going to work? “You will see,” David said. I don’t know how this will play out, but I am excited about the progression. I want to know how our cute little nugget is going to become the playboy billionaire?

6. Alfred and Bruce will finally be on the same side of things (it’s about time). This year, Alfred will be supporting Bruce in his endeavors to take on some major players!

7. What new characters will we see? “You will see the Mad Hatter,” David reveals. When as fan asks if we’ve seen Killer Croc yet, he replies, “Perhaps.”

8. Finally… who does David want to see on Gotham? Harley Quinn! That’s right. Just like almost everyone else, Harley Quinn is David’s favorite villain! (Me too, David, me too.)

David’s panel was informative and adorable. The young gentleman is gracious, well-mannered, and super sweet. I can’t wait to see what’s next for our Baby Bruce Wayne!

Gotham airs on Monday nights, at 8pm, on Fox.

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