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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ recap 4×02 “Meet the New Boss”

Season 4, Episode 2, “Meet the New Boss”, Aired September 27, 2016

Previously on Supernatural – KIDDING! But whoa did that opening feel like an episode of Supernatural. That thing in the box from last week is a creep – tastic ghost lady who just ruined some lives of a Pasadena family. That little kid will be traumatized for life now. Back at HQ, while Fitzsimmons examines the box that the ghost was locked in, Mack finds some footage backing his ghost theory. Grab some salt ya’ll. It’s time for a ghost hunt!

Ghost Rider is quaking. With all the snark she can muster, Daisy heads to the garage to confront Robbie Reyes. Instead of being chill, she tries to “save” him (because she thinks he is an Inhuman) but Robbie brushes her off, until she mentions his little bro. Now Ghost Rider is pissed and we aren’t entirely sure why Daisy is poking the bear. Robbie knocks her out and looks for proof that she is bad so Ghost Rider can kill her.

Suspect it, report it. Coulson and May meet with the new boss! The new director is a little over the top in his goals to keep the agency in order. He is all about the trust and now that S.H.I.E.L.D. is going legit, he really seems to care more about appearances than anything. He thinks that Daisy is bad for business. Coulson is put on tour guide duty and Simmons is pulled into it as well.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

The Ghostbusters. Fitzsimmons  and Mack figure out that the box that contained ghost lady was made in Pasadena so they head there. They might be too late because crazy ghost lady is in a lab just springing ghosts out of boxes. The ghost squad is pissed and the main ghost lady keeps talking about a book. Elsewhere, Robbie and Daisy bicker and she mentions the ghost lady’s box and the lab (that  happens to be where the ghost folks are hanging in) and he freaks. Is Robbie the dude that the ghost squad is looking for? Seems like it because he speeds off to the lab. Meanwhile, at the lab, a ghost freaks out on Fitz and Mack. Not good guys. But who comes in to save the day?! Ghost Rider and Daisy!

Reunions! Daisy, Mack and Fitz chat on the jet but it’s not a happy reunion. Fitz is pissed about Daisy turning her back on the team while Mack begs her to come home. It’s so heartbreaking when you see it click for him that his beloved Yo-Yo was the one taking drugs and giving them to Daisy.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen) HENRY SIMMONS
(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

May loses it. May has gone wacky on the ghost infection and even though Coulson tries to help, she flips. She punches Coulson and the hot girl, Piper (who clearly has a crush on May). They are saved by the new Director who is an Inhuman?! Coulson is pissed when the new Director keeps him out his new treatment plan for May. Looks like they are taking May somewhere and she doesn’t look good.

New team. Robbie Reyes tells Daisy that he thinks he knows what’s connecting all of the crime and stuff. Him. She hops in his car and rides off into a new ship the sunset.

WOW. What a crazy episode.

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