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4 Things we hope to see in The Originals season 4

We have a long way to go until our beloved vampires/hybrid/witches return in New Orleans, but that doesn’t mean our fandom hearts aren’t burning with hopes for the new season. In exclusive SDCC interviews with showrunner Michael Narducci and star Joseph Morgan (Klaus), we got the scoop on what we can expect for season 4:

  • Klaus to battle with not seeing his child growing up for five years and dealing with sacrifice he made for his family.
  • Haley being a single mama.
  • The aftermath of Marcel’s sentence to the Mikaelsons.

Because they couldn’t give us all of the dirty details, we have some hopes of our own for this upcoming season. The fourth season will be half as many episode (which is a good thing!), meaning we can expect more quality work in each episode, with each one playing an integral part in the story and its characters. Not to say the last few seasons weren’t above par, but it’s tough to fill 22 episodes with riveting dialogue and backstory (although we’d take another spinoff show with Klaus painting and performing 45-minute soliloquies any day.)

Let’s get to it! Here are four things we want to see in season 4:

1. A new threat.

The great thing about the Original Family is that the writers have 1,000 years of history to play with. If you haven’t read Julie Plec’s trilogy about when the gang first landed in New Orleans centuries ago, buy them now. Each book is like a new season we wished would get adapted onto our screens. What we love about the show is that their family drama is always coupled with a “big bad” that tests their loyalty and love for each other. Keep it coming!


Yes, all caps was intentional. We lost Davina (WTF) and Cami (still crying), and we can’t take another major death right now. The season 3 finale majorly hinted at Elijah dying, and don’t even get us started on those internet-departure rumors. We just won’t have it, OK? We’re still eyeing for a season 5.

A crossover episode with The Vampire Diaries. 

With all of the time-hopping happening with both shows, we’re not sure if this is even doable. Regardless, it’s the final season of TVD, and we’d feel it’d be an honor to the fans to at least have some of the original crew (no pun intended) make an appearance. We’d be fine with Stefan showing up for a hot minute, of course fans would also love Caroline to make an appearance — we’ll take anything.

The focus kept on the family.

We love The Vampire Diaries, we really do, but the fifth season fell a bit for us when they focused more on the ancient-mythology versus our favorite characters. We have a feeling this won’t happen with The Originals, but we feel like it needs to be said nonetheless. The Originals works so well because we truly love the characters, and all of the stories are centered around their development. We trust Plec and Narducci, so we expect this to continue in the upcoming season.


What do you want to see when The Originals returns? Check out the season 4 trailer and tell us in the comments below, and follow more TV, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries news on!



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