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‘Lucifer’ 2×01 Recap: “Everything’s coming up Lucifer”

Hell’s self-exiled prince, Lucifer Morningstar, returned last night and he brought along all of his friends and a whole new round of family drama. How was it, you ask? It was fire!!! If you have yet to see the premiere please be warned that this recap will contain spoilers.

The new season opens with Amenadiel and Luci on the hunt for dear ol’, probably evil and revenge-seeking, mom. The stumbling block in their search? They’re not very sure what her new earth-bound appearance might look like. She could only escape hell by using the body of someone who died in that same instant.


The episode kicks off hilariously with the angelic bros interrupting a robbery in progress. Turns out that one of the thieves recently died and came back with the urge to live his life to the fullest. “I just want to be free…” he tells the brothers. Clearly, they think it’s their wayward mother until Lucifer calls him “Mom”. The thief clarifies that he wants to be free of debt. It’s not his mum, but Lucifer has his fun punishing the guilty. He does so in a manner that will remind the audience why Maze and Lucifer get along so well later in the episode.



Case of the Week

Continuing last season’s standard, Lucifer spent much of the episode alternating between working through his personal issues and helping Chloe solve crime. This week’s victim was a body double for a Disney-type starlet sowing her wild ways. The body double also acted as a sober companion for the young starlet and was supposed to be helping keep her nose clean. Yes, that was literal. She did a really bad job as it turns out. This week’s victim left him certain that his mother was sending him a message. Why would he possibly believe this? The horns jammed into the dead woman’s skull had a lot to do with his speculation. As if he weren’t already paranoid enough when it came to his revenge thirsty matriarch. Every murder suspect they landed on left Lucifer certain that he’d found his mother.



His suspicions were all wrong but led to some very interesting encounters. At one point, the pretty, young starlet  snorts a line of drugs before doing her level best to get into the devil’s pants. It’s pretty damn awkward since he thinks his mother has taken over the girl’s body. Seeing Lucifer so clearly freaked out was one of the best moments of the night.

The Doctor is Out

Last season, Luci was all about working through his daddy issues. He went so far as to make arrangements for sessions with the ever insightful, Dr. Linda Martin. She even went along with his “fallen son” narrative to help him work through his issues. The good doctor makes it clear that she’s had it with Lucifer and his inability to take responsibility for the things he’s done. Everyone else is always to blame, but never Lucifer. Dr. Linda fears that she’s more of a hindrance in her patient reaching the breakthrough he needs. Gotta wonder if her new connection to Mazikeen has anything to do with her faltering willingness to put up with Luci’s BS.  Lucifer tells her that he acted out when his father started spending less and less time with their family in favor of his pet project (humanity). This season, Lucifer  appears consumed with all of his mommy issues.

Lucifer and his mommy issues go way back. How far? Well, we find out tidbits during his session with Dr. Martin and when he hijacks an Al/Anon meeting. When God kicked him out of heaven, his mother did nothing to stop it from happening. He resented her for that and punished her by treating her in the same manner when she was also expelled from the pearly gates. He left her stewing in fiery captivity for thousands of years. No wonder he thinks she’s out to get him.

A Demon is as a Demon Does

Later, Luci is attacked at Lux and the previously AWOL Maze pops up just in time to defend her boss. He’s suspicious and wonders if the demon was so angry with him that she helped break his mother free after thousands of years under lock and key. Maze says that’s unlikely given how the demon was his best when it came to torture and she spent so much time with Lucifer’s mother. Lucifer seems convinced. They tag team his assailant and find that the young man is connected to Chloe’s murder investigation. He gives up a clue that Lucifer is sure will break the case.


While Lucifer hurries off to tell the detective about the lead he discovered, Maze hangs back with Lucifer’s attacker. The demon has been working with Dr. Linda and she’s trying to figure out her place in the world. That being said, a demon is as a demon does. She wants to have a little fun, before allowing the mortal to go free. Now we don’t get to see everything but apparently, there are feathers and a taser involved. Petty, Maze. That was petty. Hilarious, visual, though.

Maze is still preening with satisfaction when Amenadiel shows up and kills her post “torture” buzz. He’s upset that she just disappeared and he seems ready to confide all the weirdness that’s been going on with his powers, but she’s not there to see him. Maze tells him that she thinks they need some time apart. Because he’s a guy, he tells her that he was just about to say the same thing. Lies! I don’t know about you, but I vote for no space for these two. Fix it, you guys.

Chloe Can Totally Handle The Truth…Tell Her!

Outside of their case, Chloe makes it plain that she doesn’t believe he’s the devil, but him getting shot and walking away without a scratch hasn’t been forgotten. She’s going to find out the truth about him. She took a sample of his blood and is having it tested at the station’s lab. Lucifer is ecstatic. Finally, she’ll know the truth. One that he’s always been very honest about. Amenadiel isn’t onboard with the idea of a mortal possessing angel’s blood and he’s less enthused that it’s being tested in a lab. He’s worried about exposure. Lucifer trusts Chloe not to betray them. Amenadiel doesn’t take any chances. First, he goes to the station to steal the sample, but finds his powers aren’t quite working as advertised.

He takes another more drastic approach later in the episode. Chloe meets him at Lux, and before she can react he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the chest. Onscreen, Chloe is freaking out. On Twitter, everyone is rejoicing that FINALLY Chloe is in on the “secret”. Then we’re back from the longest series of commercials on the planet, all wondering how she will react. Our collective bubbles are burst quickly. Amenadiel shows her the bulletproof vest he was wearing and the blood packs. He tells her that this is what she saw when Lucifer was supposedly shot. Lies, Amenadiel and you wonder why you’re falling. He tells her that his brother is an attention-seeking, well-meaning liar. He’s super convincing.

Case Closed

Thanks to wise words from new and awesome forensic scientist, Ella Lopez, Chloe figures out the identity of the killer. Luci beats her to the punch, but only because he’s still on the hunt for his mother at that point. He actually dares the woman to take a shot at him with a poker, and he goes down hard before realising that…uh-oh…Chloe must be close and he’s vulnerable. The detective makes it inside before the devil can be sent back to hell yet again.


Suspect double tased, and subdued, Chloe tells Lucifer about her earlier encounter with Amenadiel. She follows up revealing that she doesn’t totally buy his brother’s explanation. He’s not crazy and she’s going to keep digging for the truth about him. And the crowd goes wild! The two share a sweet moment as Chloe basically tells him that her life is better with him in it. Cue the fangirl swoon.


The episode ends with Tom Ellis breaking out those lovely pipes again and tickling the ivories as Lucifer belted out a soulful rendition of “All Along the Watchtower”. Who shows up at the very end? Mum of course and she doesn’t look so good as she falls into her son’s arms and asks for his help

So many great moments and lines in this episode. Hit the comments to let me know your favorites. Also, let me know what you thought of Lucifer’s mum. She’s totally up to no good, right?

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX at 9/8c


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