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‘Lucifer’ Season 2: Five reasons to get excited for tomorrow’s premiere

Lucifer Season 2 premieres tomorrow and puts and end to the long months of pining for that swarthy, charming devil (don’t tell me that I was the only one pining). Thankfully, Luci and his friends are finally returning to our collective screens. At then end of last season, Lucifer revealed that someone had escaped from hell and he was beyond freaked about it. Amenadiel, too, appeared ill at ease at the discovery that their “Mum” had escaped after thousands of years of captivity. Over the past few months, we’ve been slowly getting more and more promos and news teasing the coming season. The show promises new faces, new cases, and changes for all of our favorite angels, demons and humans. Are you pumped or what?! Here are five reasons why I’ve been looking forward to the show’s return. Be sure to hit the comments to let me know what has you excited for this season.

1. New faces

Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother (Tricia Helfer) has escaped hell and wants back into her sons’ good graces. She’s also got a strong dislike for all things human. Gotta wonder how she’ll react to Lucifer’s connection to Chloe and the fact that the detective puts Lucifer in touch with his own humanity. That and the fact that he he’s physically vulnerable to harm whenever he’s in Chloe’s proximity. Yea, I don’t think Charlotte and Chloe will be bffs anytime soon.


The show has a few other new characters coming. Dexter’s Aimee Garcia joins the cast as the new forensic scientist. I guess she’ll have something to say whenever Luci tries playing CSI at their crime scenes. Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) will appear on the series as Uriel. Since Amenadiel is reconnecting with Luci, it makes sense that their other angelic bros wouldn’t be too happy. Unless Uriel has something to do with Charlotte’s escape from hell. Buffy and Angel alum, Charisma Carpenter will also guest at some point this season. Mazikeen’s portrayer, Lesley-Ann Brandt has a connection to another guest star coming this season. Her real life hubby, Chris Payne Gilbert, will guest episode 2.7 and his character has an interesting connection to Chloe.


2. Some serious c-c-changes for Amenadiel and Mazikeen

Last season, Mazikeen disappeared after helping a mortality wounded Amenadiel. She wasn’t too happy with her boss or his brother. This season she’ll return and while ultimately she’ll always look out for Lucifer’s safety, Mazi will exert a level of independence that we’ve yet to see before from the devil’s right-hand demon. Last season, it was Lucifer exploring his own humanity and trying to figure out how he fit in this new world. This time, it’s Mazikeen. This should be interesting to see. Last season, she was all about convincing Lucifer that they didn’t belong in the world.  Here’s to more badass Mazi and cutting one-liners.


A recent teaser previewed Amenadiel’s struggles and the possibility that he might be falling due to some of the choices he’s made lately. True that many of his actions last season were less than angelic. Hooking up with demonic Mazikeen. Putting out a hit on his own brother. Granted Lucifer’s death would mean a one-way trip back to hell for the devil, which is what Amenadiel has been trying to make happen all along . He wonders if he’s no longer worthy of his father’s grace. The teaser shows Amenadiel’s angelic powers going on the fritz and black feathers wilting. It will be interesting to see if Amenadiel can be redeemed. If he even wants that or if he will continue to fall. I’m looking forward to seeing where that particular journey goes. Here’s hoping we get more of Mazikeen and the falling angel’s amazing chemistry.



3. Chloe

After the event’s of last season’s finale, Detective Chloe Decker finally appears to be accepting the fact there’s more to Lucifer than meets the eye. Her civilian partner has always been honest about his identity. He’s Lucifer Morningstar. Fallen angel, prince of darkness and night club owner. It’s not his fault that the one time he nearly had her convinced, her nearness made him mortal and left him open to being wounded by the bullet she shot him with. She saw him covered blood and die after Malcolm shot him. Then all of a sudden he was back. Hopefully, it doesn’t take the entire season before the truth settles in because there’s also the mystery of Chloe herself. What makes her so special that she can leave our charming devil so vulnerable? I can’t wait to find out. I’m also hoping to see more  interaction between Chloe, Mazikeen, and Dr. Martin. One of the best components of this show is the great chemistry and interplay among the entire ensemble.


4. New cases

With Charlotte’s escape from hell, I’m hoping that some of Lucifer and Chloe’s cases will take on a more supernatural element. It was the one item from my season one wishlist that the show didn’t explore overmuch. Besides, that I’m looking forward to just seeing Chloe and Luci doing their thing from last season. They made one heck of a team. It’ll be interesting to see how Aimee Garcia’s character will change or add to that dynamic.


5. The handsome devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar

Last, but absolutely not least, I’m looking forward to watching Lucifer charm his way in and out of trouble this season. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to hear Tom Ellis sing again. Watching him on that piano belting out “Sinnerman” was one of my favorite moments of the entire first season. I’m looking forward to seeing Lucifer engage in every single relationship he’s cultivated so far and the one with his mother. That should be interesting to see. The woman who has the king of hell freaking out because he held her prisoner in hell for thousands at the behest of his father. Wonder what kind of trouble dear ol’ mum stirred up to get that punishment. Last season, Luci spent a great deal of time working through all of his daddy issues and at the end they seemed to come to an understanding. That or his father knew about Charlotte’s escape and wanted Lucifer on the case in getting her back.


Gotta watch to find out and who could resist that charming smile? Don’t forget to hit the comments and let me know what you’re looking forward to seeing this season.

Lucifer returns to FOX on Sept 19th at 9/8c. Be sure to check back here for weekly recaps.

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