Pretty Little Liars theories: 4 people who could actually be A.D.

For years, in the world of Pretty Little Liars, it was all about “who is A?” It seemed as if we would never know who the heck A was. However, six years down the line, we were finally treated to the big A reveal. With Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis aka Cece Drake being revealed as the big bad, we had no idea what would be next for Rosewood and the Liars? Obvi, the torment didn’t end there, and a whole new villain was swiftly introduced — A.D.!

Don’t the girls ever get a break?

Throughout the first half of season 7, we were kept guessing on who the mysterious A.D. was. First, we suspected Dr Rollins and then Noel Kahn. But the identity of A.D. is still unknown. Now, we are simply left to use our imagination and guess who this A.D. character really is.

Let’s breakdown 4 A.D. character predictions and theories:

  1. Wren

    Wren is one of the most popular guesses on who A.D. is, and I also have to agree that I think he may fit the bill. One point to note is that there may be a connection between both Wren and Dr. Rollins, because Rollins’ real identity turned out to be a British man named Archer Dunhill, making them both British doctors. Were these two buddies? Another thing to note is that after Rollins’ death, a person with an English accent called Hanna. Could it have been Wren? Taking Wren as a whole, there’s always been something shady about him, so it wouldn’t shock me if he did turn out to be A.D.! I’m secretly hoping it is Wren as I think that would be a great twist to the show.

  2. Melissa Hastings


    I’ve always had suspicions that Melissa had something to do with everything that’s happened to the girls and that she really knew everything that was going on. I think a great twist would be for Melissa and Wren to have been working together and both take turns being A.D. Meilssa and Wren have good cover as no one even thinks they are in the country, therefore making it easier to go undercover to make the Liars’ lives hell.

    Before I thought, if Melissa was apart of the whole “A situation”, why would she do that to her own sister? But now we know that Melissa and Spencer aren’t sisters but cousins. Maybe that could be part of why she could be A.D.?

  3. Mona

    Mona was once revealed as the Original A, but ended up having the game stolen from her. Maybe, all this time, it’s really been Mona who’s been the one behind the A.D. black hood. Some of you guys may have forgot, but Mona’s alter ego in Radley was Ali Dee. Could that stand for A.D.? If there is a character who is deceiving enough and smart enough to fool the girls, it’s Mona. After all, who knows more about everything that goes on than Miss Vanderwaal? Therefore, making her a perfect fit for A.D.!

  4. Maya

OK, this theory is a bit out there, but wouldn’t it be incredibly interesting if Maya turned out to be A.D.? I know Maya is apparently dead, but let’s be real, just because a character has died in the show doesn’t mean they really are. Time and time again, characters have risen from the grave, so why not Maya too?

Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that she moved into the DiLaurentis house when she first moved to Rosewood? Could she have had a vendetta from day one? Also, recently, there was a reference made about her when Spencer and Emily found the drive of all them in the dollhouse in Noel’s cabin, which further connects her with Noel. Could this be a slight foreshadowing of a possible Maya return?

Who do you think A.D. is? Make sure to share your thoughts and predictions and give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

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