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Dark Matter season 2: Twisty moments and lingering questions ahead of tonight’s finale

It’s nearly time to bid adieu to the most kickass crew flying. We’ve met some interesting new personalities and lost a crew member or two. This season has been filled with the Raza crew going from one wild adventure to another. The season started off with a bang (poor, dead One) and left us with so many questions. As we ready ourselves for tonight’s finale, let’s revisit the still burning questions from this season and all the interesting twists.

1. Who hired Jace Corso to kill One?

So, after Two took revenge against One (Derek’s actual killer), the crew got distracted with different people trying to kill them, staying out of jail, traveling to parallel universes, betrayal, and going heisting. Yes, the crew has been busy. Still, will the end of the season bring us back full circle?



2. Who was aboard the other Maurader that traveled back with the Raza when the crew returned from the alternate universe?

It seems most logical that Jace Corso would’ve been on the ship. The universe just isn’t right without Marc Bendavid’s handsome face alive and kicking. Even if it’s this super scummy version that tried to nuke Two and kill Three. If not the other Jace Corso, maybe it’s the other Portia Lin and Marcus Boone, they were fun and kinda adorable. Perhaps that other Four somehow crossed over because who knows what’s going to happen with ours.



3. What exactly was Dwarf Star Technologies tinkering with in that space station lab?

They created our own Two/Portia Lin. They gave her an upgrade that the group was able to defeat, but what the hell was that thing in that box?!?! Seriously, what’s in the box? Or what was in Three? Our favorite scruffy badass returned to the Raza with some Damien/Exorcist level antics happening. Whatever that thing was the crew managed to get it out of Three and off the ship. Now, where can I rent the movie to see some other ship find it lurking in the depths of space before they bring it aboard their own ship to wreck havoc? I still want to see that movie!

Also, will this Dwarf Star tech have anything to do with the coming corporate war that Nyx’s brother foresaw?



4. Will we ever see Android’s bae, Victor, again? (outside of those dreams)

More and more throughout the season Android has been stretching out and testing the limits. We know that Five and Two changed her programming to make her more than a run-of-the-mill robot. Four told her to look deeper for answers. Victor and his crew of runaway droids told Raza’s Android that she wouldn’t be able to stay with the crew forever. At some point, they would turn on her. That nearly happened, but only because the ship’s backup program turned fifty shades of Skynet on them. During that time, when she dreamed/charged, Android’s “subconscious” conjured an entire life with Victor at her side. We totally have to see him again, right?



5. Can Four possibly be redeemed after his “Red Wedding” style revenge?

As it turns out, Five was completely right to be wary when Four decided to reintegrate his old memories. Our Four seemed to still be there, but this new version seemed colder and focused. Initially, he only chanced those old memories because he needed to know who he could trust in his aim to help his people. He wouldn’t let the crew go back to his home world with him, not because he was protecting them as was initially thought — He didn’t trust them.

Last week’s episode ended with him demanding the Blink technology for his army. Then, he coordinates the execution of his stepmother, the Seers, and his brother. I may have (absolutely did) cheered when he gave that signal and his stepmother and that headseer douche was taken down, but things took a turn when his innocent brother was killed as well. The same brother who abdicated the throne and supported Four. What the H, Four?!?!

Where in the world do we go from here? How can he can he come back from that? Does the Blink drive travel back and forth through time as well? Was this some dreamed up super foresight on Nyx’s part?



Here’s hoping we get answers to all those questions during tonight’s finale. Okay, well most of those questions? Did you have any lingering questions and/or theories about how this season might end and what new mysteries might take us into season 3? Hit the comments and let me know. How pumped are you for tonight’s episode and is there any chance in Hades that good ol’ Devon might pop up? Hey, I didn’t see an actual non-breathing body. You know the rules. Only way to find out is to watch.

Dark Matter airs Fridays on Syfy at 10/9c

(Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)


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