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‘Dark Matter’ 2×13 Recap: “But First, We Save the Galaxy”

And that’s a wrap! Raise your hand if you shrieked in alarm when the credits started rolling on that ending. You can’t leave us hanging like that. They did and I needed a moment to collect all of my emotions. This recap will contain spoilers of all the insane twists and turns from tonight’s season finale, “But First, We Save the Galaxy.” So how amazing was tonight’s episode? This season has been nonstop action and continual growth for this group of extremely complicated characters. The finale had so many twists and interesting developments that I seriously lost track of time. I was just complete engrossed in everything happening and then all hell broke loose and suddenly it was time for credits.



Interesting Proposals

This week’s episode picks up some time after Four’s bloody return to power. He contacts Nyx and tells her that he still has deep feelings for her and he wants her at his side. He wants her to be his empress. At this point, I’m wondering if his actions aren’t twofold. Does he want her back because he truly misses her or because of her gift and what she can do for him? The hopeless romantic in me what’s to believe that it’s her. I’m inclined to go with that also, because his old friend, Misaki overhears the proposal (because she’s snooping). If this were some plot would Four…or Ryo have included Misaki in his confidences? He certainly trusted her with his plans for the EOS-7 Summit.

Nyx doesn’t tell Four to get lost. She’s still angry with him for his part in her brother’s death and she doesn’t understand his bloody actions from last week’s episode. Ryo explains that his stepmother and brother had to die or Zairon could’ve been torn apart by civil war. He also tells her that sooner or later the Seers would’ve forced Milo to use his gift for them and that was the last thing her brother wanted in the end.

Two has a proposal of her own for Mikkei Combine’s Commander Truffault. First, the crew uses the Blink drive to jump beyond Mikkei’s security barriers. This was Two’s way of showing Truffault the technology before she got down to the business of telling the other woman about alternate universes and corporate wars to come. Milo originally told Raza’s crew of the looming corporate war and that they would be key in stopping it. While in the alt universe the group picked up some helpful intel that had them thinking something pretty heinous might be going down at the upcoming EOS-7 Summit where different leaders would be meeting. Turns out they were right. Two convinces Truffault to help smuggle one of the crew members into the event.

Crisis Averted…Almost


Five is the logical choice to go. Well, after Android, but Five says that it’s better she go. Android should stay with the ship. Truffault later tells Five that she was the best choice since she is the least famous member of the Raza crew and that no one will recognize her. I was certain that Truffault would be proven wrong as they immediately met up with Ferrous’ Commander Neiman. The Commander was too focus on Truffault to recognize Five beyond her blonde wig. After that I thought for sure that it would be Neiman’s assistant, Arian who would figure out who she was. He didn’t. Turns out that Arian had a few secrets of his own.


Five gets recognized by Emperor Ryo who is in attendance. If she was nervous around him last week, Five was downright terrified of her old friend this time around. Her former crew member sends his goons to collect her. Arian shows up and helps her. As quickly as I started forming attachments and dreaming up a ship name for Five and Arian, it became evident that he was an android and using the same technology that Raza’s Android was given earlier in the season. Also, I had a sneaking suspicion about what he might be doing aboard the ship. Five had the same thought and confronted Arian after the corporation vote didn’t go Ferrous’ way and the Commander signaled Arian. Five got close enough and confirmed that Arian was equipped with the bomb destined to destroy EOS-7 and start the corporate war that Milo foresaw.

Five convinces Arian that he has a choice and that he’s become more with his new programming. He doesn’t want her to die along with everyone else and tries to get her to leave initially. Then he makes a sacrifice and puts himself outside the airlock just before the bomb explodes.

Previous to things going boom, Two met up with Ryo and tried to convince him to help them find out where Ferrous may have hidden the bomb. The Emperor isn’t inclined to help. He thinks the destined destruction will be good for his people. When Arian fails, Ryo has his own plan in place. Two and the others try to stop him. GA Inspector Kierken tracks down Two and she convinces him that Ryo is up to no good and asks him what the station’s weakest point might be? He goes to check it out and ends up getting blown up.

Blink and you’ll miss it

Aboard the Raza, Ryo shows up with Misaki. Before Android can figure out why this turn of events is all wrong, Ryo gives a string of commands that shuts Android down temporarily. While Ryo is off stealing the Blink drive, Misaki runs into Nyx and I may have shouted at the television for Nyx to “beat her ass.” Nyx was in the process of beating said ass and coolly advising the other woman that she couldn’t be beat because she could anticipate her every move. One thing our Nyx didn’t anticipate? Shady Misaki covering her blade in poison. She scored one hit and then our girl Nyx was on the floor. Misaki gets away and meets up with Ryo. She doesn’t tell him that she took down his would-be Empress, but damn I can’t wait til he finds out. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait to see that happen.

Actually, we’ll have to wait for a lot of revelations. Ryo reactivates Android and tells her to warn the crew that they need to get away from the station. Clearly, he still cares about his old friends and Nyx. He’s just a little too late with the warnings. Or rather Two doesn’t stay. She tries to warn Kierken about the bomb and he’s a goner. The entire station is ready to go down with nearly all of the crew members aboard. Five is with Truffault. Three’s gotten a beatdown from Neiman’s goons and seems out of commission. Six was caught and locked up by Kierken earlier in the episode. Android finds poisoned Nyx laid out and things don’t look very good. (Lord, not Nyx!). And that’s pretty much how the episode ended. Yep, a cliffhanger. Cheers to a spectacular season and the fact that we know a season three will be coming our way next year.

Good  thing. This crew has quite a lot more story to tell, I believe. What did you think of tonight’s finale? Any huge surprises? What was your favorite moment? Mine is the moment when Three is mumbling about having to get dressed up to sneak into the Summit and Two promises they’ll do a nice heist or bank job next, but first they needed to save the galaxy. Nyx is totally not going to die…right?!? Two will figure this out. She always does. Ryo…Four. Things got super complicated, but I have a feeling that Misaki’s actions will be the key to getting our Four back. He can totally come back from this. Six did and he landed them in the clink. Oh, well. We’ve got plenty of time to speculate. Hit the comments and let me know what you think.

Dark Matter airs on Syfy 10/9c

Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy


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