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5 potential Teen Wolf spinoff shows we’d be totally fine with

Still not coping well with the news of season 6 being Teen Wolf’s last? Us either! That’s why we’re pitching five Teen Wolf spinoff shows that we would love to see. Jeff Davis, if you could please make one of these happen, we’d be eternally grateful!

A Marie-Jeanne Valet period drama

A potential period drama focused on Allison Argent’s ancestor, Marie-Jeanne Valet, has been the subject of some chatter for a while. Crystal Reed made her return as a werewolf-slayer in “The Maid of Gévaudan”, and it was well-received by fans of the show. When Entertainment Weekly asked Reed how she felt about a potential spinoff, she replied:

“We weren’t even finished filming and there was sort of that chat around set. When you are doing something that you know is going to be great, there’s this kind of magical energy on set. I think that I would definitely be open to something like this. It looks great; it has a great message; and it would be a challenge for me, so yeah, I would never say never and it would be something that if done the right way, with the right people, could be really exciting.”

We’re crossing our fingers that Davis and Reed have discussed making this happen.

A Lydia and Stiles procedural

Just imagine a procedural series about Stiles and Lydia going to off to college and solving local crimes. They have ample experience from all their wild times in Beacon Hills. Between Stiles’ experience with research and solving police cases and Lydia’s smarts and supernatural abilities, there’s nothing they couldn’t do. Plus, this would allow us to see Lydia explore her Banshee abilities even more. Even if these two don’t enter a romantic relationship (even though we’re rooting for that), their dynamic is one of the best on Teen Wolf and they slay every scene they’re in together.

Seeing how Dylan O’Brien’s schedule is getting increasingly busy, it would also be really cool to see Lydia and Malia pair up to solve mysteries. We wouldn’t mind a show about these two fierce females kicking ass on the regular.

A Derek Hale teen drama

We absolutely loved the flashbacks of Derek as a youngster. We wouldn’t be opposed at all to seeing more of Derek as a teenager learning to cope with his werewolf-ness. Of course, Uncle Peter would have to be a part of the series. This would allow for the continuation if the “high school/teenage angst” feel of Teen Wolf but with a completely different story. Think about all the werewolf history we could get! And if this were to happen, they’d have to bring back Ian Nelson to play teen Derek because he killed it.

A mini-series about the parents

The parents on this show are just as lovable as the teenagers. We don’t know if MTV would take on a 20-some-episodic series about Chris Argent, Melissa McCall, and Sheriff Stilinski, but a mini-series would be amazing. What about a six-episode series where all of the kids have left Beacon Hills and they are responsible for taking down a big bad threatening the town. With Argent’s arsenal of weapons, Mama McCall’s medical experience, and Stilinski’s police resources, they would make a pretty badass team.

It would let us learn a little bit more about their personal lives and backstories. Plus, maybe we could even see Melissa and the Sheriff finally get together (come on, you know they’d be perfect together!)

A mythology-heavy series about Kira

The real mythology behind kitsunes is so rich — there’s an endless amount of content to delve into. Kira was an amazing character and one of Davis’ strength is weaving real folklore into the fabric of the show. We would love to see a show about Kira and her family so that we could learn more about kitsunes.

Hit the comments below, or shoot us a tweet, and let us know what your ultimate Teen Wolf spinoff would be! And for more info on the show, head over to our Teen Wolf lair!

Teen Wolf returns to MTV on Nov. 15

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