Tyler Hoechlin wishes all roles came as easily as Superman

If you’re not sold on giving The CW’s Supergirl a chance, I have two words for you: Tyler Hoechlin. That’s right. Entertainment Weekly reported earlier this summer that the super-hot hunk, known by Teen Wolf fans as bad boy Derek Hale, had signed on to the show. Don’t expect to to see fangs and claws, though.

Hoechlin will not be playing an animal. He’ll be playing an alien — an alien of the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet variety. Hoechlin will don the suit of the Man of Steel for the Supergirl season premiere in October and is expected to appear in two episodes (so far).

EW chatter with Hoechlin again and learned how he landed the role as the beloved Man of Steel. He said he didn’t have to audition — didn’t have to read a single line. He said he sat down to chat with Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, who asked him if he might be interested in playing Superman on Supergirl. Oh, the images. But I digress. Hoechlin said yes, obviously. He said he’s been a Superman fan since childhood, and although his first exposure to the superhero was on Lois & Clark, his favorite portrayal of the man with the big S on his chest was Christopher Reeve. Score one for class. One look at the picture below, and it’s easy to see why he’s perfect for the part.

Warner Bros./The CW/Supergirl
Warner Bros./The CW/Supergirl

Hoechlin met with producers on a Monday, and they offered him the job on Friday. He shared that he wished every job came that easily ≤and that he was very flattered by the process. He definitely has big shoes to fill. Well, it’s not the shoes so much as the suit. And when it comes to wearing the legendary suit, Hoechlin said the toughest part about wearing it was actually getting into it.

“It’s kind of like putting on a wetsuit. I’ve introduced an old surfing trick, so I put a plastic bag over my feet and hands when I put it on, that seems to cut down a little bit of time, so that’s been helpful in the process.”

Um. If that method doesn’t work, I’d be happy to assist in the wardrobe department, even if it means squeezing into a phone both. It’s all about the sacrifice, right? The line forms behind me, ladies. With a suit that tight … I probably shouldn’t finish that thought.

I will say that I have a fresh new reason to check out Supergirl. Come for the super stories and stay for the superstars, or you know, whichever comes first.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Hoechlin will play Clark Kent, cousin to Kara Danvers a.k.a. Supergirl. After being cast in the role, Hoechlin said that he decided not to watch any of the movies because he didn’t want to be tempted to imitate another actor’s portrayal. He and the producers agree that they want to “honor the tradition,” but also put their own spin on the character. Hoechlin believes this version of the superhero is “Superman as he was intended to be.”

“An incredible symbol of hope to kids that they can do anything, that they can be good people, and that good people can triumph over evil. You don’t have to be dark and brooding and always in this state of masculine toughness.” 

Hmm… I wonder to whom he’s referring.

Hoechlin will make his debut as Superman when Supergirl returns Oct. 10 on The CW.

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