12 times ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was the most untrustworthy show on TV

Every Pretty Little Liars fan knows the sheer commitment it has taken to watch the show for many years while being kept in the dark on who the mystery ‘A’ really is. With years to gather evidence and create many theories, PLL made us go insane with the little answers they gave us. Lucky for us, in the last season finale, we were finally treated to “the big ‘A’ reveal.”

From start, to present day, PLL has kept us all on our toes with many twists and turns (and lies) meant to create a hugely successful story and show. But let’s face it, we’ve all learned that we can’t trust every reveal and truth from the show, right? PLL has proven time and time again to be majorly untrustworthy.

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Let’s breakdown 12 times PLL proved to be the most untrustworthy show on TV:

  1. When we thought Ali was dead

    One of the biggest betrayals from the show was believing that Ali was dead for years. But, no one can keep Ali away from Rosewood for long (not even her apparent death). As it turns out, she was alive and well. What a shocker that was!

  2. When we thought Spencer wouldn’t kiss another one of Mellisa’s boyfriends

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    One Liar proved to be incredibly untrustworthy, and that is Miss Spencer Hastings. As soon as Melissa got a new BF on the show, I just sat back waiting for Spencer to swoop in. Every girl has their dirty secrets, right, Spencer?

  3. When we thought Mona was dead

    Miss Vanderwaal fooled us all into thinking ‘A’ killed her, but the sneaky (and hella smart) Mona faked it all. Damn, you can’t trust anyone being actually dead on PLL.

  4. When we thought Toby was ‘A’

    Toby being revealed as ‘A’ permanently scarred me. Thankfully, that betrayal was short lived, and wasn’t fully true. Seriously though, Toby, don’t ever put our hearts through that again! OK?

  5. When we thought Toby’s mom committed suicide

    Toby had always believed that his mom had committed suicide in Radley Sanitarium, but turns out, it was just another non-truth in the show. Ugh, can anything actually be accurate on PLL?

  6. When we thought Ezra was ‘A’, but he was really writing a true crime novel instead

    After the Toby ‘A’ reveal, I never believed it could get much worse, but it did. Then came the Ezra ‘A’ reveal – oh, the TEARS! However, yet again, it was a big fat lie. Really, PLL? Really?

  7. When we thought Jenna was blind

    Well, this one may be half a lie, but still, we (and the Liars) were lead to believe that Jenna was fully blind. I’m just saying, I still believe that the “b*tch can see”!

  8. When we thought Aria and Ezra would get away with their secret romance

    Remember when we thought Aria and Ezra’s relationship could be kept secret? If anyone has learned anything from PLL, it’s that secrets will always be revealed, no matter what. Soz, Ezria!

  9. When we thought the police could be trusted

    Yeah, Rosewood cops have well and truly proved they SUCK at their jobs and can’t ever be trusted. No wonder the Liars never go to the police for their ‘A’ problems.

  10. When we thought Spencer killed Bethany Young

    We were led to believe that Spencer killed Bethany while she was high on pills (and Mrs. D caught her red handed) on the night Ali disappeared, but (yet again) that wasn’t the actual truth. The stories just get crazier and crazier!

    11. When we thought new characters could be trusted

    Yes, Sara Harvey, I’m looking at you! Sara is, of course, just one of the many new characters who were introduced and turned out to be untrustworthy – I second guess them ALL now.

    12. When the big ‘A’ reveal was made and it turned out Charles was really CeCe Drake.

Surely, I wasn’t the only one disappointed with that big reveal. I had so many theories and every single one of them crumbled after that. Basically, this tweet sums up my thoughts:

LMFAO, she throwing hella shade there.

There are many moments I left out, but I’d be here all day if I mentioned them all. Don’t be shy on sharing how you feel about PLL‘s many betrayals and your top untrustworthy moments! Make sure to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa.

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