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‘Dark Matter’ 2×09 recap: “Going Out Fighting”

Dark Matter recap, Season 2, Episode 9, “Going Out Fighting,” Aired Aug. 26, 2016

The Grim Reaper comes a-knocking. There’s a hook-up that some of us have been waiting for most of the season. One of the crew gets possessed. Just another boring day for the Raza’s crew. This recap contains spoilers for tonight’s episode and what an action-packed right it was. Read on for more.


So it finally happened. The Fyx is in. No? Foyx? Whatever. What truly matters is that it finally happened. The oodles of chemistry and the sparring sessions between Four and Nyx finally culminated in the duo hitting the sheet and opening tonight’s episode with some very steamy moments. The afterglow fades quickly, though as that awkward morning after hits them both. First, Nyx basically tells him not to make a big deal about it and that she doesn’t want the rest of the crew finding out. Four’s cool with that and turns into that guy. Basically, we can totally do this again, but I’m not in a place for a relationship right now. Nyx is like…bish, please. Later, though.

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Honestly, the fact that they made things so damn awkward makes me think that things could get a lot more serious for the crewmates. They certainly do a bang-up job of keeping their new connection a secret from the rest of the crew when they show up for breakfast. Not! Five and Three are having breakfast when the very guilty acting pair shows up, practically on each other’s heels and acting so damn obvious.


Three figures things out almost immediately and gives them a hard time.It was equal parts awkward, funny and kinda adorable. Here’s hoping this wasn’t a one-time thing. Nyx and Four don’t exactly have more time after that time break down the status of their relationship/hookup. Five goes looking for Two and finds her exactly as we left her at the end of last week’s episode. Finding Two still unconscious on the floor, Five calls for help. When Two finally wakes up in the medical bay, things look pretty dour. Android explains that Two’s nanites are malfunctioning and the Raza’s de factor leader is dying.

Clearly, not a single member of that crew takes the news well.  Actually, Two takes it better than the boys who are all leaning in and trying to figure out how exactly they can help. Three wants to know why their resident Android can’t just donate some of her own nanites. Sir, that’s not how any of this work.  This is not the Galactic Red Cross. Two’s nanites are unique to her or at least, she and Android cannot act as universal donors for one another should the need ever arise. Sorry, Three. The sentiment was sweet, though.


Two explains that they need to go take her back to the place where it all started. Dwarf Star Technologies, the lab back on Earth where she was created. Her tech is basically fried. Clearly, the lab that created her would know this and have some kind of fix in place. Time for a new heist and this time the stakes are higher than ever before. Two wants to go planetside to infiltrate the facility, but she would be recognized immediately. The rest of the crew override her this time around and instead it’s Three, Four, Nyx, and Six figuring out how to smuggle themselves onto the “space elevator” that will take them inside Dwarf Star. It’s situated on a space station and the elevator is the only way onboard.

Six and Four hang back on the Marauder while the other two head off for some reconnaissance. Seems like this is the first time that Six and Four have had a chance to chat since Six betrayed the crew and landed them in the slammer. Four lets him off a lot easier than Three did. He explains that he understands what it feels like to be torn between friendship and duty. Four tells his crew member about the interplanetary war going on back on his home planet. Six easily surmises that the other man is considering leaving the crew to join his people. Four thinks that he has nothing to offer his people without his memories. Methinks it’s only a matter of time before Four and the rest of the crew, have their memories back. Here’s hoping they handle it a lot better than they did earlier in the season. I know Five would definitely appreciate it.


After Nyx and Three return from checking out security at the space elevator, they get with the other crew and it turns out that the only way they can get through security is by way of a retinal scan. Two refuses to sit by idly while the crew puts themselves in danger to help her. She has Android supercharge her remaining nanites so that she’s operating at 100%. Downside? This is only temporary and once it wears off, Two’s a goner. Unless the mission proves successful. So, go team!

They need a little help from an inside source. A member of the team that created Two. The other person that she allowed to survived when she made her escape. Turns out that Two bonded with Eric Waver. He showed kindness when the others basically tortured her in an effort to test out her nanites. He didn’t exactly help her escape. He did feed and educated her. He was her only friend in that place before she managed to get away. He helps smuggle Six and Three into the lab. Of course, they caught by Rook (Wil Wheaton).


(Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

He knew that Portia Lin/Rebecca  and her friends would be showing up sooner or later once her nanites began failing. Three and Six are separated briefly and Three plays it tough as per usual. Rook decides to play with Three and he infects him with something. It’s black and oozy and freaks Three out before he goes night-night for nearly the rest of the episode. While our Three is knocked out, whatever Rook infected him with makes it back aboard the Raza with the rest of the crew when Two rides in to rescue her friends.

No one initially takes notice, what with them having to fight off Rook’s other new creation. This time Two’s creator takes no chances that his experiment might break away. This upgraded version of Two is totally obedient and seriously pumped up on nanites. He nearly takes out Two and the others. For a minute there it looked like Two was leaving us after all. Another dead crew member??? I can’t!

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While everyone else is freaking out, Six has the presence of mind to try using nanites from Rook’s latest prototype. Turns out that Three had the right idea earlier with Android, but the nanites wouldn’t have been compatible. Thankfully, this works and brings Two back from the brink. The new infusion of nanites from begins repairing the damage done. Back on the ship, Three is acting weird. Like Linda Blair, The Exorcist, weird. The crew manages to knock him out and quarantine him. He wakes up and then suddenly we’re in a completely different show with demon eyes, alien queens, and face huggers. Well, not really. (Sidenote: I want to watch this movie. Make it happen Syfy).

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His eyes are flooded black and he’s moving around, but according to Android, Three is asleep. Moving and being creepy with black eyes, but asleep. That’s some case of sleepwalking, for sure. Things get extra crazy when whatever is hijacking Three starts screeching with this demon-like, inhuman screech. Two lowers the force field and knocks him out again. The crew manages to put Three inside one of the stasis chambers and plan to leave him there until they can make it back to Dwarf Star for a cure. Two’s barely finishes speaking when the thing wakes up and starts screeching again and black ooze streaming from Three’s mouth and eyes. They can’t leave him in there with that thing. With the parasite separating from Three, they manage to scoop their crew member out and space the chamber. What an interesting development that was.

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Two wonders what exactly it is that Rook and his people are cooking up in their labs. Hopefully, we find out soon. Also, here’s hoping that no one’s silly enough to take that chamber aboard their ship. For now, the crisis is over for Raza’s crew. Everyone’s pretty much drained. Android calls it a night and then wakes up on some planet. In someone’s bed. Her Android friend, Victor?

An episode rife with “Wait, what?!?!” moments. Possibly my favorite of the season so far. What did you think? Enjoy the latest development with Four and Nyx or holding out for Twyx to happen? Six saved Three yet again and Two, as well, has he redeemed himself completely? It’s looking more and more likely that Four will leave soon to help his people. Hopefully, he won’t stay gone permanently. Two appears to be back at full strength. What did you think of the episode and what is up with Android? Hit the comments and let me know.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10/9c on SyFy

(Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)



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