Wizard World Chicago: Milo Ventimiglia talks ‘This Is Us’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’

The loveliest human ever, Milo Ventimiglia, delivered another great panel at Wizard World – Chicago 2016! He talked about his new show, This Is Us, his career and what it was like going back to Stars Hollow after all these years!

Milo spoke so fondly about his new show on NBC, This Is Us, it made us want to watch it even more.  The show is from the creator of the flick, Crazy Stupid Love, which starred Ryan Gosling. When Liz from asked if a shirtless Ryan Gosling would be showing up on This Is Us, Milo said, “no, we don’t need Ryan Gosling, we have Justin Hartley“. (Adorbs!) He gushed about the cast, calling them incredible people, as well as incredible actors. He promised that this show has the all the feels and that we will love it. You can catch it on NBC on September 20th!

“You will laugh through the tears.” -Milo Ventimiglia (Talking about This Is Us)

If you haven’t seen the record – breaking trailer, you can check it out here! Seriously, do it. (SPOILER: You see Milo’s butt before you see his face.)

Photo by Meg Bonney
Photo by Meg Bonney

When asked about going back to Gilmore Girls after all of this time, Milo compared it to going back to your old school. He was very tight lipped about the revival details but he said it will make us very happy! Milo did mention that the four 90 minute episodes would be hitting Netflix all at the same time. Get ready to binge, folks!

This is going to be a huge year for Milo and we can’t wait!

Be sure to check out This Is Us when it airs on NBC September 20th and Gilmore Girls dropping on Netflix November 25. 

(Photo credit: Meg Bonney) 

Here’s a video parts of the panel courtesy of ChristineDoesCons:


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