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‘Rogue One’ Trailer: A familiar face, er, mask!

It’s been an unnervingly long while since we last chatted about ‘Rogue One’ – I hope you’re all still alright. I’ve just been meditating in the Jedi Council Chamber, patiently awaiting a premonition … or, some kind of news, at least. So, thank the Sith Lord! A new ‘Rogue One’ trailer was released just last night!

An actual picture of me spotting the YouTube notification:

new Rogue One trailer, my yoda reaction
Just caught the feels!

Watched the link above? Good. Then we’re ready to go!

Immediately, the Galactic Empire’s presence is evident and the struggle is real: “Imperial flags reign across the galaxy!” Here we are, nice and slap bang in the middle of Episode III and IV. How terrifying.

Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) rebellious nature and tainted past are made clear from the very beginning. When Jyn’s tasked with smuggling Death Star plans from the Empire, the Rebels don’t react too kindly to her joining the team: “Can you be trusted without your shackles?”

Jyn’s first seen in a grungy hideout, talking Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). Gerrera is considered a terrorist, of sorts, by the Rebels. His extremist views and rash decisions don’t mesh well with their task-force. Therefore, Ryn and Gerrera’s relationship could be what got Ryn into trouble in the first place. In fact, I suspect it will get come back to bite her again. Gerrera’s beliefs are, no doubt, still deeply engrained in Ryn’s own morality. I think, from this, we’re supposed to assume that Ryn’s not going to play by anyone’s rules, not even the Rebellion’s – a true rebel.

Jyn meets a new driod on her quest – we saw the first pictures of him a few months ago. K-2SO appears to be a stark contrast to the benevolent C-3PO, whom we all know and love. K-2SO is a mix of brutal honesty and tact, coupled with a short-fuse (pun-intended). Even director Gareth Edwards claims, “Kaytoo is a little bit like Chewbacca’s personality in a droid.” So, that’ll be an interesting new insight into the nature of droids. I mean, K-2SO is definitely not the eager-to-please droid we’re used to.

Later in the ‘Rogue One’ trailer, there is a nice frame of what looks like an Eclipse. This sight hangs ominously over the, supposed, planet of Jedha. However, an eclipse seems unlikely, given that the Death Star is under construction nearby. In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi “That is no moon.” And, as Jyn says, “There isn’t much time.” Clearly, the Rebellion must halt the Empire’s weapon’s test (i.e. the Deathstar’s and Jedha’s playdate) ASAP, or the planet Jedha goes boom!

‘Rogue One’ battle scenes were next on the agenda. As ground soldiers scatter with only blasters in hand, there is a very WWI/WWII vibe to the combat. The lack of Jedhi presence in ‘Rogue One’ was successfully emphasised by this dated and inexperienced feel. I’m actually incredibly excited to witness characters struggle a bit more in ‘Rogue One’ than they did in ‘Force Awakens’. When equipped with the Force, fight scenes don’t seem as bloody as I think they will be in this film.

And, finally, that brings us to Darth Vader. That characteristic machine breath ends the trailer, which was spine-chilling. The Rebels and their fight were the main focus of this trailer. Therefore, having Vader unexpectedly appear at the end was a nice way to reveal the man behind the curtain of the Empire. We’ve been forewarned that Vader will be sprinkled sparsely throughout the film – in no way will he be front and centre. So, all I have to say is, at least we’re not being lied to *coughs* Suicide Squad *coughs*. No Joker syndrome here. Regardless, new Vader scenes of any kind are a cause for celebration. I don’t care how short they are, it’s not ‘A Star Wars Story’ if Vader doesn’t, at least, cast a shadow at some point.

Personally, I think a rather dubious audience is going to be pleasantly surprised by this film. But, let us know what you think! Comment below with your reaction to this new ‘Rogue One’ trailer and we can fangirl together.

‘Rogue One’ will be in UK and US cinemas December 16!

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