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Dark Matter recap: Episode 2×07, “She’s One Of Them Now”

This recap contains spoilers for tonight’s all new episode 2×07, “She’s One of Them Now”. This includes the possible death of a crew member, so read on at your own risk. Far warning given and received, now on to some of the bigger OMG moments of the episode.

Okay, so we didn’t really get the low-down on whatever was happening with Two’s hand last week. Those involuntary shakes did not look good at all. Something going on with her nanites perhaps. Either way, a different story for a different night. What did happen? Ooooh, a lot.

Nyx calls Devon on his addiction

Finally! Granted, she does it only after she goes to him for something to take off her own edge and he initially refuses. Turns out that Nyx isn’t dealing so well with letting her brother return to the “Seers”. Apparently, I was wrong last week in my belief that she’d somehow intuited Milo’s suicide. She broke down then and needs the drugs now, simply because she misses her brother and feels helpless in extracting him from the “Seers”. At least, that is what she seems to be telling herself. Maybe her gift did serve her that truth of her brother’s ultimate fate and she’s in denial. Only time will tell.

Devon warns her against self-medicating. She thinks he’s being hypocritical. She’s spent enough time behind bars to recognize an addict. He finally gives in, but this interaction leads to some of the best moments from Devon so far. He confides in her, the truth about his addiction and how someone died on his operating table because of it. It would be a shame now that we’re finally getting more background on Devon, if the “Seers” managed to hit any major arteries. That’s right. Those jerks are back and methinks that without the more powerful Milo, they are working to bring Nyx back into the fold.

giphy (7)

Run, Nyx, run! Or, better yet, no don’t run. Confront those jerks and kick their intuitive butts all over again. The episode ends with Nyx waiting for Devon in some bar, looking like some poor bastard stood up by their prom date. As if, right? Denial or not, once they catch up with her, Nyx will soon face the truth of her brother’s death. The new question remains of whether or not she’ll find out that Milo killed himself with Alex’s blade.

It’s all clones and games until the torture starts

Flush with cash from their latest heist, the Raza crew embark on the next step in their plan to track down Alicia Reynaud. Enter their former (?) handler, Talbor Calchek. Besides being a cretin and a liar, the guy seriously does have the BEST sense of humor. Can we keep him, please? They rescue him from a beatdown and tell him that they’re back and they need one of two things from him. Information or revenge, his choice. That’s easy enough. They want to know everything he can tell them about Reynaud, and he’s quick to give the rundown.

“Business magnate, venture capitalist, ruthless criminal…bad news.”

That’s all useful information. Even more so is the revelation that she only travels by clone. Say what? Yes, “transfer transit” is the new and kinda cooler teleportation system. All of your molecules stay in one place, while your psyche goes on vacation with your very own look-alike body. It’s basically all you without being you and can be recycled. I love the future. Reynaud never actually leaves her headquarters and the place has security to the max. Of course, this doesn’t stop our crew. Thanks to Five, they’re able to hack in and reverse “transfer transit” through the same frequency that their query uses regularly. Two wants to go, but can’t because of her nanites. Five has to go because she’s the hacking genius. Four and Three go along as her muscle. Six and Two hang back on the Marauder, ready to extract their friends’ clones the moment they get what they’re looking for. Find Reynaud and find out what exactly the woman wants from the crew. Or rather why she wants the technology that Five stole.

Five does her thing once they infiltrate Reynaud’s headquarters. She discovers her stolen tech is actually a drive that will enable something more intense than your everyday FTL system. This tech will allow them to go anywhere in the galaxy in an instant. Four immediately guesses that if that the drive could be used to create an army for the corporations. They could outfit the Raza with the technology, but need the adaptor to make it work. They get the job done, but not before being detected. Five’s clone gets away with the tech. Four and Three aren’t so lucky. Reynaud threatens torture and a host of other gruesome fates. She can hurt their clones and send a killing charge that will kill their actual bodies back on the ship. They can avoid either fate by giving up the location of the Raza. Clearly not happening.

Thankfully, Five makes her way back to them once Reynaud leaves and kills the goon bent on beating them into submission. Unfortunately, Reynaud was serious about trying to kill their host bodies. Five kills the clones sending Three and Four immediately back to their body. Downside, they can’t download their new memories of the op and the new trouble Five is in. Luckily enough, Five makes her escape with the tech and her memories intact.

Back on the Raza, they decided to test the new tech out to see if it works as advertised. Devon opts to wait for them to get back from their test run. Aware of the internal demons he’s fight again, Nyx tags along with him. She decided the drugs wasn’t the escape she needed after all, and wants to help him. He’s fine with that, but leaves her and ends up getting shanked by the “Seers”


Other noteworthy doings from tonight’s episode

  • Android eyeing Three in his tight “DNA sequenced” clone enabling suit

giphy (8)


  • Five all but crowing about her own hacking badassery

giphy (9)


  • Android empathizing with Nyx and offering words of comfort. She misses One like Nyx misses her brother apparently.

giphy (11)


  • Five must have cookies while hacking. She is everything precious.

giphy (12)


  • Every second of Android and Calchek’s interactions.

giphy (13)


  • Kris Holden-Reid is back as Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken!!! Hey, boo!

giphy (14)


Be sure to hit the comments to let me know what you thought of the episode and your most noteworthy moments. Where do you think the group ended up? Is Devon a goner like One? Could One have done that ‘transfer transit” thing, too?!?!?!

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy


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