4 reasons ‘Blindspot’s’ Patterson is our BFF

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Blindspot star Ashley Johnson celebrated her birthday this week, and all you need to know about Ashley Johnson is that she’s one hundred percent as adorable as her character, FBI tech wizard (or sorry, gnome cleric) Patterson.

Just imagine Patterson without the badge or the dead boyfriend (RIP David!) and you have Ashley Johnson. She’s not only talented but she’s sweet and fun and funny, and knows way more about geeky things than any of us could ever hope to.

In Ashley’s honor, here are four reasons that Blindspot‘s Patterson is our BFF:

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1. She’ll play all your favorite games with you

Patterson is always up for a game. We know that she knows Dungeons & Dragons (in real life, Ashley Johnson stars in the D&D web series Critical Role, which is awesome in its own way). She and David spent half their scenes solving puzzles together. Her entire part on Blindspot is to solve Jane’s tattoo puzzles. So you can always count on Patterson to join you for that game of D&D, or Monopoly, or whatever you love that nobody else ever seems to want to play with you. Patterson will never let you game alone.

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2. She’s super-supportive

Is there a bigger cheerleader than Patterson? No, there is not. She’s the Blindspot character who’s always been there for Jane to lean on, even when the other team members have had their doubts. Patterson is great at those random pep talks that you need every now and then. She always seems to look on the bright side of life, to paraphrase a line from Monty Python. And we all need a cheerleader like Patterson in our lives.

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3. She’ll do anything to get you out of trouble

When the going gets tough, Patterson gets going. She’s used her brains and her computer skills to help the FBI team constantly on Blindspot, even when it’s been illegal. But Patterson doesn’t care. She’s there to save her friends and save the day no matter what it takes. Even if she has to go on a crazy clue-chasing adventure and get kidnapped by a serial killer. Patterson is totally that friend you could call to bail you out of jail at 3 AM, and she probably wouldn’t even get that mad at you.

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4. She never stops being sweet and polite

But even when Patterson has to color outside the lines, she never loses her cool. She apologized to Borden for blowing up his house, for crying out loud. If she swore the world might explode. Patterson is always adorable and well mannered, and that brings an important lightness to Blindspot. While everyone else understandably deals with the doom and gloom, we can always count on Patterson to shine a light. It’s her positive energy and big heart that keeps Blindspot from turning into a total angst-fest.

So if we had a TV BFF, it would absolutely be Patterson. Now can Season 2 of Blindspot get her a first name already?!


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