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Let’s Get Lit! Book Review: Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s HEROINE COMPLEX, ready to save your bookshelf from boredom!

Hey Let’s Get Lit! fans! I had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah Kuhn, author of HEROINE COMPLEX (check that out here) and she is a total delight. And guess what? SO IS HER BOOK! This book has snark, kick-ass women, diversity, humor, honestly written friendships and family relationships and HOT romance. All great, right? What if I told you that there’s also a gruff, hot science dude, a bitchy gossip blogger and demonic cupcakes? Yup, this book has it all!

Headshot by CapozKnows Photography
Headshot by CapozKnows Photography

HEROINE COMPLEX is the story of Evie, the reserved assistant/side-kick to the San Fran’s most badass superheroine, Aveda Jupiter. In the story, demons breach our world through portals and have given certain people mild super powers. Aveda (real name Annie and Evie’s childhood bestie) got powers and ran with it. Not only is she a larger than life diva superhero, but she is also a brand and icon! That’s right, in this book, we get to see a superhero cultivate a very public image AND kick some demonic ass. But much like most celebs, Aveda isn’t what she seems to be, but then again, neither is her loyal assistant, Evie.

Evie is the main character here and snarky as heck. She is very comfortable sitting in the shadows, running Aveda’s affairs while her friend gets all of the glory. One of the coolest things about this relationship is that it doesn’t feel fake or fluffy. Friendships have struggles, just like any other relationship and if you are shy and your friend is a giant diva, you still love her but you may want to strangle her now and then, ya know? This is the case with Evie and Aveda. Evie can handle her better than anyone and she is proud of her skills as an assistant. When she isn’t handling Aveda’s superpowered freak-outs, Evie is trying to keep tabs on her punky little sister. Even with all she is juggling, we start to realize that Evie’s greatest conflict is with herself and a huge secret she has been keeping.

When Aveda is unable to attend an event, Evie must step in for her. Without spoiling the book (because you need to read it), that is when things shift in Evie’s life and she steps out of her friend/bosses’ shadow and is forced to deal with a part of herself that scares her the most. It’s a story of inner struggle and growth, all while waging a battle against a horrible gossip blogger lady, managing a fiesty teen and taking down some a-hole demons.

Things I loved:

Art by Jason Chan
Art by Jason Chan
  • Evie’s “voice”. The narration is excellent. She reminds me of the way I talk with my friends and to be quite honest, there aren’t many books like that out there. Evie’s inner monologue while drinking was a huge highlight of the book. It’s pretty hilarious.
  • The romance. I was also surprised by the heat in this book (He-he)! That’s a pun you will get once you read it. The romance is handled really well and its super sexy. It’s BIG and hot and nerdy and damn sexy. (Trust me, this will all make sense after you read it.)

I realized how much I love this book when I wasn’t even reading it. It was a moment in my living room when my three-year old daughter pointed at the picture of Aveda fighting on the cover. She looked at it for a while and said “I want to be her, Mommy.” As a female who grew up with only male superheros to look up to, that tiny little sentence made me so happy. Books like this are changing the landscape of this genre (for the better) so that little girls don’t have to comb through pages and pages of books and comics to find a female character worth relating to, she will be right there on the cover and that’s awesome.

Thank you Sarah. We need more books like yours!

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And don’t forget to get your copy of HEROINE COMPLEX right here: Amazon

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