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‘Dark Matter’ 2×06 Recap: Nyx should’ve seen that coming

Before, we jump straight in with all the goodness and revelations from tonight’s episode, this is your fair warning that this episode recap for 2×06, “We Should’ve Seen This Coming” will contain spoilers for the episode. For weeks we’ve all been wondering at the possible backstories for the newest faces on the Raza. Who are Devon and Nyx exactly? Can they be trusted or could one of them turn out to be planted on the ship like Arax? If I’m being completely honest, it’s been more so growing curiosity about Nyx with those razor sharp instincts and wicked tongue that’s left me intrigued. Sorry, Dev. We did learn a thing or two about the doc that was more confirmation than anything. Let’s take it back to the top of the episode.

Previously in her sparring scenes with Four, Nyx has mentioned the fact that she fights so well because she can sometimes anticipate her opponent’s next move. That was an understatement. She mentions it again while sparring with Four. He tells her that she needs to continue practicing her moves, but she doesn’t agree. She fights by feel and instinct, practicing the same moves hinder that. She asks him if he’s satisfied now that One’s murderer is dead.

Four: I cannot allow myself to be satisfied with by one small act of revenge

Nyx: Why not?

Four: Because there are so many more that are necessary.

Nyx pushes and asks if he ever thought of letting it go, and he turns the question back on her about letting go of the demons in her own past. Privately in her quarters, we finally get a glimpse into the murky depths that is Nyx’s past. There’s a flashback of Nyx on another ship. She’s being told that “it’s time to go back in” and that it’s her responsibility to use her “gift” to change things for the better. That they are changing things for everyone. Somehow this feels connected to that tech Arax is after and whatever doom and gloom that Commander Neiman alluded to a few episodes ago.

We see a part of Nyx’s gift in action just seconds later when an announcement sounds that FTL is about to kick in. Nyx starts fighting against the creepers clearly holding her against her will. Her previous capitulation an act? She was drugged, maybe? Or she’s simply sick of being used. Either way, she’s fighting these guys and you can tell that it’s not quite happening. This is apparently, maybe what Nyx see’s when she’s anticipating her opponents’ next move. Only it’s not just that, she’s seeing what will happen seconds ahead of time. Nyx uses that to her advantage here, and she easily takes down the three mysterious figures who we’ll later find out are “Seers”. They are gifted with the ability of Cognitive Predictive Ability, but no where close to the level of Nyx and her brother Milo.

Initially, when one of her captors told Nyx that she wouldn’t get far and that “he” would find her. Who was this “he”? Some mysterious, big bad? Nah, turns out that Nyx’s brother Milo is the golden child and all-powerful seer within the Collective. Oh, right. They also keep him drugged along with the other seers being used for the Collective’s purposes. Back in the present, Nyx decides that she must rescue her brother. Problem? She doesn’t exactly tell the crew that this is the mission.

Intent on going after Arax’s benefactor, Alicia Reynaud, the crew needs some funds and decide to go on a heist. Nyx is quick to suggest a ship she encountered on her travels. The ship she tells them, traffics in large amounts of some designer drug called “Shadow”. Clearly, Devon knew exactly what it was. How the Raza crew hasn’t yet picked up on his addiction is weird. Yes, they have larger issues and again yes it seems that Five suspects, but no one’s called him on it yet. Surely, Two would confront him if his addiction turned out to be some kind of liability that might endanger the crew. He does come through with connections on the black market to unload the drug shipment. So what if he takes his share in drugs instead of the money they’ll be getting.


Two isn’t too happy with Nyx when she discovers the other woman lied to them about the heist and the true reason she wanted them to board the cargo ship. Nyx reasons that she didn’t lie exactly. They did get the “Shadow” as promised and could sell the drug off to replenish their coffers and refuel so that they can go after Reynaud as planned. Three’s not cool with being lied to and he definitely doesn’t agree with the idea to still cut Nyx in for a share of their profits from the heist.

Three: I’m on board with all that, except giving out shares to liars.

Four: So, uh, nothing for you then, huh?

Three: Hey, I haven’t lied…recently.

For some reason, Nyx doesn’t seem to count on the fact of how hard the Collective will come after them to get Milo back. He’s hugely important to them and the things they have planned. The Seers anticipate the crew’s next move and attack them when they try meeting up with Devon’s black market connections. Three and Six actually end up stuck together Maraudershuttle on a nearby planet’s surface, leaving the crew no choice but to take off without them. Of course they won’t leave them behind completely.

Milo insists that they need to turn him over. The Collective won’t stop coming until they have him. He’s too valuable in what they have planned down the road. Eventually, the crew gives in, but not before Milo can warn Four that the crew will be betrayed by one of their own. Again!

giphy (39)

He also tells Five that there will be an all out war in the coming months and that the Raza crew will play some crucial role. They’re so important that their involvement will ultimate tip the scales against the baddies. Clearly, we’re back to the doom and gloom of Commander Neiman’s comment.

Four asks Milo how he intends to sabotage the Collective from the inside as he proposed. Four gives him another option. One we don’t see coming, but clearly Nyx does. Back on the Collective’s ship, Milo uses Four’s knife to kill himself and Nyx appears to know the exact moment when he does it.

giphy (40)

At the end of the day, Nyx is back sparring with Four. An act of catharsis? Readying herself for the coming fight. I know people are all aboard for Two and Nyx, but I’m feeling all kinds of chemistry when it comes to Nyx and Four. I can’t be alone here.

Elsewhere, Three finally forgives Six. Android kept her upgrade. Could the tech somehow negatively affect herself and ultimately make Android the new traitor in the group? Or could it be whatever weirdness that’s going on with Two at the end of the episode? What was up with her hand?

Hit the comments and let me know what you thought of the episode? Are you all way #Twyx or feeling…#Fyx/#Foyx? Or are you completely over it with hashtag everything?


Dark Matter airs Fridays 10/9c

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