RiffTrax just broke the internet with ‘Safety As We Play’

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It’s Friday, and there is no better way to kick off a weekend than laughing hysterically at RiffTrax destroying another educational film.

Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett (whom you may remember fondly from Mystery Science Theater 3000) are comic geniuses but they have a particular talent when it comes to educational shorts. In a valiant effort to make sure no children get sued by Batman this weekend, today’s RiffTrax short is called Safety As We Play.

And it’ll be the funniest thing you see for awhile.

Check out the preview clip below:

Safety As We Play doesn’t teach us anything except for how well-versed Mike, Kevin and Bill’s humor is. In just over a minute they drop laugh-out-loud references to Batman, Animal House and TV painting savant Bob Ross. These three guys are like a walking encyclopedia of hilarious pop culture references.

If you want to see the entire seven-minute film – and I highly suggest that you do – you can download it on RiffTrax’s website, along with other samples of psuedo-educational mayhem. Don’t miss their collection of Coronet Films, or as they lovingly once called them, “Your grade-school sleeping aid.”

For those of you who somehow got this far without knowing what RiffTrax is: first of all, I applaud you for being willing to click something randomly. Secondly, you’re seriously missing out.

Carrying on the fun started on MST3K, RiffTrax consists of Mike, Kevin and Bill’s efforts to lend comedy to every film that deserves it – from educational shorts to blockbusters like Twilight. You can download all of their past riffs and several classic MST3K episodes on their website.

Then several times a year they get together to host RiffTrax Live! shows simulcast to movie theatres around the country. Coming up on August 18 is RiffTrax Live: Mothra, which pits the trio against another classic movie monster. Tickets for RiffTrax Live: Mothra are on sale now and you can get yours here.

But until then, please enjoy Safety As We Play. Play it often and laugh a lot. And share it with your friends, because we all need to know what little Susie’s problem is.


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