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‘Dark Matter’: Top 5 moments of 2×05 “We Voted Not to Space You…For Now”

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Raza’s crew. There’s the ever-present threat of the Galactic Authority on their tails. Four has a death sentence waiting for him if he returns home. They’ve got some new faces aboard the ship and boy I can’t wait until we deep dive into the backstory for Devon and Nyx. More so Nyx, she’s amazing. Android has been wrestling with using the “emotion chip” upgrade from her new friends from her space station adventures. Then there’s two who has been intent on tracking down the person responsible for One’s murder. Oh, and Three isn’t feeling all that forgiving after all when it comes to Six betraying them all. Hence the lovely title of 2×05 and Two’s same words to Six at the top of the episode.

Raza’s crew has been dealing with a lot so far this season. Still, they do find time to cut that tension with the proverbial knife. Android did most of the heavy work in this episode. Here are some of the top moments from “We Voted Not to Space You”:

1. Hello Dyson

If you never saw Syfy’s recently departed, Lost Girl, you likely won’t get the reference or were as giddy as I felt at the sight of one of my old faves, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried). Please TV Gods, say that we haven’t seen the last of this very familiar face. We must get at least a few scenes in with his former co-star Zoie Palmer. There seems to be more story to tell and interaction between his character and the crew beyond a mini-reunion. Four tries and fails to convince GA Inspector Kierken to release him from custody and go after the real bad guys…the corporations that steal everything from weak, innocent citizens unable to defend themselves. By episode’s end, Kierken reveals that he’s had the death sentence again Four overturned. Not out of the goodness of his heart, though. He wants the entire crew available to stand trial.



2. Flirty, witty and emotion-chip infected, Android

Android goes undercover to help the crew. How will she pass for human? Oh, she’s got that tech that she’s been debating about installing. The tech induces some of the funniest moments of the entire episode or even of the season so far. She really should’ve asked a few questions of the crew when it came to figuring out exactly how to get herself arrested. First, she opens a door in a restricted area, thinking that might get her arrested. Nope. Then, she grabs the long-suffering security guard’s hat and gives it a toss. That doesn’t do it. Sorry, Android. What works? Oh, when she rips the poor guy’s shirt. Right down the middle. That was just the cherry on top of an entire episode of funny and great Android moments. There was also that amazing moment at the top of the episode where she strolled into that bar and you immediately knew something different was going on with her. She gets flirty with that one barfly, before wrecking all kinds of shit. Don’t effe with Android, she will hurt you.



3. Nyx Continues to Impress

From the start Nyx has shown that she can handle herself. She literally tried stealing Three’s lunch money (credits) back on Hyperion-8. She can hold her own facing off against Two. She sparred with Four a few weeks back and let slip that she can pretty much pick up how to use any weapon she needs on the fly. It should’ve come as no surprise that she could handle the gun Two tossed her when she insisted on going with them in their pursuit of One’s killer, Jason Corso.


Nyx: The bolt release is a little gritty, I’ll smooth it out for you when we’re done.

Three: Am I the only one who found that a little sexy.

4. He’s baaaaaack…almost

Since it happened, I’ve been hoping to see One’s sweet face again. He knew people wanted to kill him. Why wouldn’t he have taken the extra mentions to protect himself? There goes the theory that somehow One got away and someone else died in his place. Hey! It could’ve happened that way. Only it didn’t. One’s dead and his look-alike is the man who pulled the trigger. The Raza crew figure things out and make tracks to infiltrate Corso’s hideaway. Two takes revenge, but Jason lets it known that it was a murder for hire. He tries to bargain with the truth, but Two is satisfied with ending him…for now.



5. The Fault in Her Wiring

Uh-oh, you guys. It appears that not all is well with Android’s programming. Well, that’s according to Holographic Android, but what does she know. Doesn’t the fact that Android is more human…like mean that she would have to become slightly imperfect. Is this a trade-off that Android is likely to accept. Especially if it means that she could make a mistake that could endanger her ship or crew. I don’t know. Android seems very self-sacrificing. She’s enjoying the human element right now, but when it comes down to it, she’ll probably give it up. I’m still hoping she meets up with that adorable Victor at least one more time before that happens. Either way, it seemed as though Zoie Palmer was having an amazing time playing this facet of Android.



What were your favorite moments from the episode? Be sure to hit the comments section to let me know.



Dark Matter airs Fridays 10/9c

Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy


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