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New ‘Viral’ movie clip released

The latest clip for Viral takes the concept of sisterly love into a whole new level.


All siblings have their own issues. You know, one is smarter, one is more attractive, one is more popular, one has contracted a parasite that will turn her into a violent, zombie-esque monster. Totally relatable.

Okay. Maybe not, but the latest clips for the new movie Viral, starring Analeigh Tipton and Sofia Black D’Elia, takes a new spin on the viral apocalypse genre. We see the two actresses portraying sisters Stacey and Emma, respectively. One is exposed to a parasitic, worm like virus, the other works to protect her infected sister. In case you missed the full trailer, take a look below.

The small-budget film also features House of Cards star Michael Kelly plays Emma’s father, trying to guide his daughter stuck in a suburban quarantine zone.

While Viral will be skipping a theatrical release, it’s due out on DVD August 2nd, we are still looking forward to a new take on this genre. It comes from the same producers as Insidious, The Purge and The Visit. Plus, Black D’Elia of CW’s The Messengers and HBO’s The Night Of has shown some serious range.

Will Viral make your movie list? Let us know if you are into it or nah in the comments below or tweet me at @meghanefreeman!

image: teasertrailer.com

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