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The “Wonder Woman” trailer is here and it is everything

The Wonder Woman trailer is here and it is better than we dared hope.

Full disclosure, I’ve loved Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter first cracked that golden Lasso of Truth. And Gal Gadot’s bad ass portrayal of the Amazon  princess stole Batman v Superman.  Meaning, yes, I was prepared to dig this trailer.

What  I wasn’t prepared for was the full, goose-bump giving chills of awesome I felt.  As an aside, can that theme music just follow me everywhere?


With Wonder Woman, we get the first, TRUE female superhero movie. Don’t talk to me, Elektra. I love you, Jen, but this was a low point.

image: beneffleck.tumblr SAME, girl. SAME.
image: beneffleck.tumblr
SAME, girl. SAME.

From Connie Nielson’s portrayal of Queen Hippolyta sending her beloved Diana into the chaos of World War I, to Gal’s one-liner delivery, “Where I’m from, that’s called slavery” – if the movie delivers even a fraction of what the trailer promises, we are in for something truly special.

It also gave us the new motto for always. “What I do is not up to you.” #micdrop

For a little added female power, Claire Underwood, I mean Robin Wright, plays the fierce AF Antiope. You get a brief glimpse of her in all her glory here:

image: youtube
image: youtube

To prepare for this certainly blockbuster movie, let’s all be a little more Robyn Wright, a lot more Wonder Woman and pray sweet Chris Pine can hold his own.

What are you most excited about based on the Wonder Woman trailer? Post below or tweet me @meghanefreeman.



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