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Candice Accola on Klaroline in SDCC Exclusive Video: “I love it. The fans are going strong!”

Pure Fandom sat down with Candice Accola (King), AKA Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries, at San Diego Comic Con, and we got the scoop on the future of Klaroline, those Steroline June wedding rumors, and the actress’s hopes for her character’s end on the series.

Accola was incredibly lovely and is clearly excited for the next (and final!) season of the series. Her passion for her character’s integrity is undeniable. While she loves her Klaroline fans and the hopes for the two characters to reunite, she stated that with where Caroline is now, it wouldn’t do right by either character to massively pivot their storylines and re-kindle the romance:

“No, I don’t think it would make sense for the character to [begin another romantic relationship with Klaus]. I think at that point it would be stretching the imagination. It wouldn’t make sense if you’re having any sort of authenticity to the character.”

That doesn’t mean Accola doesn’t have mad love for all the Klaroline fans out there:

“I love it. The Klaroline fans are going strong! They’re determined.”

While it breaks our hearts to hear that Accola doesn’t see Klaroline in the future, we can’t help but agree. What The Vampire Diaries and The Originals do so well is honor each character’s individual journey and blend relationships based on how that carries through their respective character’s development. Caroline began as a naive teenager, and she’s now a mother, (a vampire), and a loyal best friend.

We can’t wait to see how the writers will round out Caroline’s story. Even though Accola states in the video that it wouldn’t make sense for her to jump to The Originals, we still have hope her journey will lead her to at least a girl’s weekend in New Orleans with Bonnie!

Speaking of, Accola’s hints about her and Bonnie in the final season gave us major bestie feels:

“We’re holding down the fort – we’re the last ladies left! It’s important to have these young female characters together. They’re both strong independently on the series and having them together and having that vulnerability of both being women on the show is great. We’ll see them together; we have some great moments coming up. Episode 3 is a wonderful episode for Caroline and Bonnie. We’ll really see how strong their friendship is.”

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