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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Top 10 WTF moments and great lines

Three episodes into  its sophomore season and Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail and the cast are killing it on every single level. Meaning…the acting from Rami Malek and his peers have been outstanding. Some questions have been answered, but if you don’t end the hour wondering WTF just happened, then you’re doing it wrong. Everything all wrong. If you haven’t seen the first three hours of season 2 yet, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

  1. “I think about you a lot, Elliot. I think about that night when we became gods.” – Tyrell

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  2. “The end of the world came and went and we’re just as fucked as we were before.” -Darlene

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  3. “If I don’t listen to my imaginary friend, why the fuck should I listen to yours?” -Elliot

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  4. “That’s just how he owns you. Even I’m not crazy enough to believe that distortion of reality. So fuck God. He’s not a good enough scapegoat for me.” -Elliot

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  5. “Control is about as real as a unicorn taking a leak at the end of a double rainbow.” – Mr. Robot

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  6. “I’m late for my church group. Peace.” -Elliot


  7. “How do I take off a mask when it stops being a mask? When it’s as much a part of me as me?” -Elliot

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  8. “Control is an illusion.” -Elliot

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  9. “My internal fatal error… From which my system cannot safely recover. Kernel panic. Day number six without sleep. I’m crashing. Next, my consciousness will go. The panic isn’t settling in anymore. It’s just there. The scream in my mind is coming back.” -Elliot


  10. “Bonsoir, Elliot.” -Tyrell

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Top WTF Moments That Sent Your Jaw to the Floor:


  • When Mr. Robot shoots Elliot in the head and that’s apparently a thing that they do on the regular.

  • That moment right after Elliot figures out Mr. Robot tricked him into vomiting up the Adderall and he starts grabbing up the pills and chowing them down again. Still covered in his vomit.

  • Manic, sleep deprived Elliot gives that balls to the wall rant about God at his church group meeting and snaps out of it long enough to realize that he said it all out loud and not to his friends beyond the fourth wall. Ooops.

Be sure to hit the comments and let me know what moments and lines hit you right in the gut or brought the faintest tear (I’m a bawler) to your jaded eyes.


Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA network

(Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)


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