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What we can expect from Stiles in Teen Wolf Season 6

Teen Wolf, wherefore art thou?! It’s been months since season 5B ended, and still, we know next to nothing about the show’s upcoming season 6. With a panel at SDCC right around the corner, news are slowly (so slowly) trickling through, but it’s hard to wade through the web of lies teasers MTV is spinning around a certain beloved character. Namely, one Stiles Stilinski. You know, (almost) everyone’s favorite sidekick who honestly isn’t one anymore?

What we know 

If you follow Dylan O’Brien’s career closely enough, you’ll know he’s also the lead in The Maze Runner film franchise. You’ll also probably have heard about the very worrysome injuries he sustained after a stunt gone wrong. And last but not least, that he’s still healing and hasn’t been seen or heard of since March. There already was speculation about how big a part Stiles would have in season 6A considering Dylan was off filming a movie. After he got hurt however, the question evolved into “is he even going to be a part of season 6?”

Let’s not forget Dylan also allegedly has aligned the lead for American Assassin, which is supposed to  film this fall. The third Maze Runner movie: The Death Cure is supposed to resume production in Winter 2017…this doesn’t leave much time to film Teen Wolf episodes, amiright?

Jeff Davis has eluded speculation by maintaining that season 6A was written around Dylan’s filming schedule. With another few tidbits scavenged around the internet, here’s what we can deduce about Stiles’ role in Season 6A.

What we can speculate about 

  • Back in May, screen caps of a script leaked, revealing that everyone in Beacon Hills was going to forget about Stiles. This would certainly explain a prolonged absence, if no one knows who he is anymore. I can only imagine how devastating this is going to be to watch, imagine your father forgetting your very existence!
  • Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him,” Jeff Davis revealed to Entertainment Weekly. If Stiles has a lot of scenes in which he’s alone, that would also explain how Teen Wolf would be able to include his presence with a limited filming schedule.
  • While as of now, Dylan O’Brien has likely only filmed enough material for one episode (the premiere, from which all the EW pictures are coming from), maybe these alone scenes allowed him to film for more episodes. Rumor has it reshoots are scheduled for August, so who knows, maybe he can film more then (as long as he’s completely recovered, of course).
  • According to Tyler Posey, the Scott and Stiles bromance will be in full swing in season 6 (how that is possible if Stiles is either MIA or alone, I’m not sure, but I’m willing to believe).
  • Sooo… are flashbacks involved? There were casting announcements for a buzzcut Stiles lookalike, and once again Posey’s quotes seem to corroborate the idea. “Everybody has a lot of reflecting to do. It’s beautiful. It’s so cool what we do. You fall in love with Stiles every episode. It really makes you think of all the cool s–t that we’ve done with Stiles and Scott over the past few years, so it’s a really reminiscent season.
  • Claudia Stilinski will allegedly be back, which makes sense if Season 6 is an hommage to Stiles. I, however, am not sure I can handle more of her relationship with her son. Season 5B’s flashback was gruelling enough.
  • Ghost Riders” will apparently be involved in whatever has Stiles in danger this season. Yes, in addition to the Nazi Werewolf. Teen Wolf enjoys its multiple sets of villains.

Does Stiles get kidnapped by these charming individuals? Is there some kind of magic à la “being compelled by a vampire causes you to forget” going on around in Beacon Hills? What is the Nazi werewolf’s role in all this? Is Teen Wolf really still trying to make “Stydia” happen (please let’s not)?

Tune in to Teen Wolf‘s SDCC panel on Thursday and get your first look at season 6A, and maybe some answers! (I wouldn’t bet on it though).

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some Stiles and Malia goodness because reasons.





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