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Breaking It Down With Videogame Rapper, Mega Ran!

If rap music and old school video games got together and had a ridiculously talented baby, it would be Mega Ran. Mega Ran has taken the nerd world by storm with his original lyrics that he flows over the funky beats of your fav video games of the past, not to mention his insane freestyle skills. This dude is legit.

“Do it the hard way.” – Mega Ran

I got the chance to chat with him about movies, rad music and his experiences at comic conventions. Check it out!

Meg Bonney: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat! First, I just want to tell you how amazing you are. How long have you been rapping and freestyling?

Mega Ran: Hey Meg, thank you for taking the time to interview me, I really appreciate it. I’ve been rapping for like 20 years now, just for fun, but I think I really took it seriously in the last five years or so, and have made a career of it since then.

MB: That’s awesome. There are some epic videos of you freestyling about things that people hold up in the audience at comic conventions. What was the most random item?  

MR: Ha! Some I can’t even say in this interview, but the most random one was probably in Portland when a guy held up a bong.. like, who brings a bong to a concert? Well, that guy obviously.

MB: OMG, that guy might be my new hero. People know you most for your songs that sample the music of old school video games. Do you have a favorite video game, old or new?

MR: Hard to nail it down to one, so I’d have to say a few… Mega Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy 7, pretty much every Super Mario and Zelda game.

MB: Nice. You are always on the road, rapping all over the country. Do you have a convention/city that you look forward to hitting the most?

MR: Yes, there’s a few. I love small town conventions like Tomodachi Fest in Boise, but I love the large ones too, like MAGFest in DC, always an amazing time. I’m at home anywhere that the vibes are good, and the staff treats guests like royalty.

MB: Speaking of royalty, lets talk about the kings of DC. Pick a team. Batman or Superman?

MR: I’m a Superman guy, though the movies are pushing me away a bit.

MB: Well, I am #TeamBatman. Come join us! Where can we see you next? 

MR: EVERYWHERE! San Diego Comic Con, and then Classic Game Fest in Austin. My summer is pretty ridiculous.

MB: With all of your time at conventions, you see lots of cosplay, I’m sure. What costume would you say you see the most at comic conventions?

MR: I see a million Deadpools, but once in a while someone takes it to another level by combining another character with him and it works out really well.

MB: I love Deadpool. Do you have a favorite superhero?

MR: Spider-Man probably.

MB: Always a good choice. Would you rather have super speed or super strength?  

MR: Hmm. Super Speed I think would get me nauseous, so I’d say strength.

MB: Agreed! I would need superhero Tums. So what can you tell us about your latest project?  

MR: Mat Mania (check it out HERE) is an ode to my favorite wrestling theme songs of the past and present, and we added a little pizazz to them through lyrics and clips.

MB: That’s so cool! Let’s talk about movies. What movie could you watch over and over and never get sick of?

MR: The first two Star Wars movies.

MB: Good call! Obi-Wan is my dude. I love the music in those OG flicks too. What is your favorite song to perform at conventions?

MR: Definitely Splash Woman, the guys and girls really get into it.  

MB: Let’s talk about your writing ritual. Do you usually write the lyrics and then find the beat or do you let the music inspire the words?

MR: It depends. Sometimes, I just write ideas in the margins of pages, and then a few rhyming words, then find the perfect music to tell the story I want to bring out, then go from there. But the process changes from time to time. 

MB: Lastly, any advice for aspiring artists out there? 

MR: Do it the hard way. If it looks too easy, find a challenge. There’s no fun in playing it safe, and only the people daring enough to take risks ever find any success.

MB: That is such great advice! Thank you for chatting today Mega Ran, I am officially a Mega Fan! And Mega Ran is a fan of Pure Fandom, too. Check it out: 

Need more Mega Ran? Check out his website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook!


Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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