‘UnREAL’ promo: 2×07 “Ambush” teaser

It’s been a season and a half in the works and it (unfortunately) finally happened: Rachel’s fragile grasp on stability failed her in the aftermath of Jeremy assaulting her. It’s no surprise, but it didn’t make it easier to watch, especially when you know Shiri Appleby directed this episode (and thus, herself). If this ‘UnREAL’ promo for 2×07 is anything to go by, her struggles are far from over.

But let’s talk about 2×06, “Casualty” a little first. Quinn and her new boy toy (mantoy?) are happily waltzing around until she finds out what happened to her ex-protégée. As it turns out, Quinn really does like him, and the shrink’s words about her being lonely hit home.


I feel you Quinn, take your happiness where you can. In any case, Rachel doesn’t want anyone’s help when she realizes she won’t be able to go to the police thanks to the “skeletons” Chet thinks Jeremy will reveal. Considering how frayed their relationship has become, it’s no wonder she discards Quinn’s concern. But she also avoids telling current boyfriend: Coleman, who understandbly freaks the hell out when he finds out. This translates into Rachel throwing herself into what she knows and does best: work. To the expense of Beth-Ann (yes, this season’s confederate flag bikini wearer), who suddenly reveals she’s pregnant (!) to the dismay of her family and Darius. Poor guy, he probably wasn’t expecting that bomb, or that she’d try and insinuate that he was the father. Wrong move, honey.

Meanwhile, the other four girls (who didn’t get to go on the “meeting the family” trip) are all spilling their innermost “truths” and it gets real ugly, real fast. Namely Yael thinks Jameson’s haircut is too masculine, which leads the conversation into a downwards spiral of cattiness. The main reveal being that Tiffany admits to hooking up with Romeo, which she then reveals to Darius. Remember Darius saying he was all about honesty? He’s probably regretting ever saying that what with each contestant serving him her own -often irredeemable- truth.

More than anything though, he’s tired or Rachel’s antics. Which only seem to get crazier in the ‘UnREAL‘ promo for 2×07. But before we talk about that… ADAM IS BAK Y’ALL!

Quinn, reflecting on how taken Rachel seems to be with Coleman, calls him up and brings him to the set. I couldn’t be more excited about this. Wait, actually I could, what kind of haircut is that, Adam?!  Bring this back, please and thank you.

Some thoughts about what we can expect for next week:

  • Adam’s back, Adam’s back, Adam’s back!!! OK, I’ll try and calm down but he seems to be f*cking things up for Rachel and Coleman, as expected. Or maybe the promo is being deceitful (how surprising) and Adam is happily married to a tree. It would explain the hair, at least. Methinks Rachel’s feelings will resurface, since she never really got closure after that season of Everlasting ended. How Coleman will factor into all that, however… I like Coleman and I think they’re good together, but they don’t have Rachel and Adam’s sizzling chemistry. Of course, chemistry isn’t everything, but…
  • Rachel seems to have reached her breaking point. Her screaming her head off and then lying in that hospital gown really doesn’t bode anything positive…
  • Darius seems to be accused of stealing a car, Tiffany’s involved… what on earth?! This probably has to do with another Everlasting step, gone awry as usual.
  • Ruby has disappeared for now, but will she come back before the finale? Considering her relationship with Darius, it would be weird if she didn’t. I, however, am still rooting for Chantelle.

As the end of the season comes closer (cue the tears, what am I going to watch then?!), things are getting increasingly crazier. Who knows where it’ll end, but the ride will be wiiiiiiiild.

See you all next Monday for more craziness!

UnREAL airs every Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime 

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