‘UnREAL’ promo: 2×06 “Casualty” teasers and predictions

Uhoh. That ominous title doesn’t make it sound like anything good is going to come out of this next episode! Unsurprisingly, the ‘UnREAL’ promo for 2×06 confirms it.

What happened last week?

Following the harrowing last 5 mn of 2×05, during which Jeremy physically assaulted Rachel until Chet intervened… somewhat, 2×06 apparently picks up right where we left off. But that wasn’t the only shocker of the episode. After having Ruby’s father find out where (and into which arms…) his daughter had gone off to, Darius cut her loose from the show. On which basis? That she was destined for better things and better people, and disappointing her every day would be too hard. Right.

I’m not sure I buy it honestly, he seemed cold and detached when he made the announcement but not particularly sincere. Is this another manipulation from the show? Did they plan it so they could find each other again, away from  the cameras when this season of Everlasting ends? Ruby’s tears and dismay seemed authentic. But on a show like UnREAL, trusting anything about anyone amounts to levels of naiveté that I don’t possess!

Regardless, Ruby’s out now so this means our main competitors are Tiffany (ex-Wifey), Chantelle (new Wifey), Beth-Ann (from who we haven’t heard much lately, but I’m sure we will soon) and Yael. Yael has gone from being OK-ish to “slept with the actual dictionrary definition of an abusive douchebag, stooped to new catty levels of anti-feminism and somehow still managed to stay on the show”. Because of this, my money’s on Chantelle. She’s sweet and genuine and we need to see more of her!

On the behind-the-scenes romantic front: after a crashed networking party with all the big names, Coleman seemed slightly stunned by Rachel’s decision to film the intervention from Ruby’s father. And, well… who wouldn’t?! Quinn called it forever ago and keeps reminder her, but girl has no limits when it comes to what she knows will make “good” TV. Or good ratings, in any case. In one of the only sincere moments of the episode, Quinn warns her to be careful with Coleman. Fingers crossed he won’t cause her any pain. And who knows, this may call for an Adam comeback!

Meanwhile, we finally meet Quinn’s new love interest in the form of a billionaire who’s a fan of Everlasting and gets his first peek at what really goes down behind closed sets  doors. Careful, buddy, you really don’t know what you’re getting into here. Still, they do make a good pairing and I’m looking forward to see what comes of this.

What may or may happen next week… 

In this ‘UnREAL‘ promo, the focus is on the aftermath of what Jeremy did to Rachel and whether she should still be filming an episode. A few thoughts on what we could expect next week below:

  • What people don’t seem to get is that Rachel buries her trauma in her work. Teary-eyed, she explains that she needs it to feel normal again, and if that’s her solution so be it. It may not be the healthiest but who can tell her how to act after being treated that way. I really hope Jeremy gets what he deserves (i.e. that not only will Chet firing him stick, but Rachel will press charges and he’ll be gone for good.) Unfortunately, it seems like Jeremy knows too much and they’ll need to find some kind of compromise. Well f*ck that, I don’t know what he has on Chet but it can’t be worse than kidnapping his own kid, getting engaged to Quinn only to have Madison perform, um, certain services for him and the list goes on.
  • A fight breaks out between a contestant and some long-haired dude I don’t recognize. Everyone is screaming for Rachel to get there and fix whatever problem has arisen. I’m a bit mystified by this one, but this is Everlasting so it’s probably a manufactured scene gone wrong. With Quinn still trying to undermine Rachel and Coleman’s strategy, Chet finding out about Quinn’s new beau, Rachel’s struggle with what happened… there’s no telling how this may end.
  • Quinn is apparently taking a break from being a jerk to Rachel and tryng to protect her in the aftermath of Jeremy’s actions. Or have her protected in any case, by none other than Coleman. How is he going to handle that? They’ve only been dating for a few weeks, and he has no idea what he’s getting into.
  • “Casualty”? We all know UnREAL went there in season 1. Whether this will be a casualty in the real sense of the word or collateral damage, one can only guess. But one thing’s sure, someone won’t escape next week’s episode unscathed and I’m worried about who it’ll be.

Stay tuned, next week’s episode was directed by none other than Shiri Appleby and promises to be insaaaaane!

UnREAL airs every Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime 

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