‘UnREAL’ promo: 2×05 “Infiltration” teasers and predictions

This week’s episode felt a little slower than usual (or maybe I was too exhausted to pay enough attention) but this UnREAL promo for 2×05 promises an intense episode!

Things are quickly unraveling on the set of Everlasting, both behind the scenes and on screen. Quinn and Chet struck up an unlikely alliance reminiscent of the (not so) good old days until he got shipped off by the police for child kidnapping. As it turns out, stealing a baby does have consequences, who would have thought! Both of them weren’t above sabotaging their own show (and ruining the suitor’s career) to get back at Rachel and Coleman. As we all know, UnREAL doesn’t hesitate when it comes to stooping to new lows, and in fact one wonders every week about just how manipulative they can get.
Darius’ decision to push through his injury and go with the epidural shot in order to finish the episode order didn’t go over well with Romeo, who left the set in a somewhat electric manner. I’m sure finding comfort in Ruby’s arms was a huge help to Darius’ current predicament, however, the fact that it was caught on camera unbeknownst to them may not go over so well.

In this new promo, tensions are coming to a head, on more level than one.

  • The breach between Rachel and Quinn keeps widening, this time apparently Rachel didn’t invite to a big party Rachel and Coleman are throwing. That, however, doesn’t prevent Quinn from going as the teaser shows. Now what could this party be about… Darius’ injury hasn’t been exposed (yet) and he should be able to film the last few episodes but maybe Rachel and Coleman are throwing something for the network? We also know Quinn’s love interest will be introduced in 2×05 and he’s on the party pictures so network/sponsor gathering sounds like a good bet.
  • Apparently Quinn put cameras somewhere she wasn’t supposed to… Darius’ room? Who knows, but the footage will likely be incriminating for whoever is concerned. Determined as she is to bring Coleman down, there’s no bridge Quinn won’t cross at this point.
  • Best line of the teaser? “You’re awfully obsessed with my balls. You should probably look into that.” I like Coleman A LOT, you guys. (Quinn really should look into that though)
  • I don’t think we’ve heard the last about Quinn’s father dying. She clearly has a lot of issues over it, and Rachel tried to help but with their relationship in shambles, Quinn wasn’t having any of it.

Bring on the next episode! *prances around* Also for funsies, Vulture came up with a Quinn insult generator and it is excellent.

So, what are you most excited about? Meeting Quinn’s new millionaire love interest? Seeing the showdown between Rachel & Coleman and the rest of the world? Finding out how Chet is surviving in prison? Seeing Madison become increasingly manipulative? (Seriously, that girl is on her way to becoming a pigtail-wearing Rachel). Wondering what on Earth Yael thinks she has to gain by sleeping with Jeremy?

See y’all next week!

UnREAL airs every Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime 

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