‘UnREAL’ promo: 2×04 “Treason” teasers and predictions

This week’s episode of UnREAL was insanely good. Now, I realize I say this a lot about this show (but hey, it’s warranted), but “Guerilla” was particularly excellent and one of the best episodes of the show so far, season 1 included. A lot happened, setting in motion events that will likely impact the remainder of the season.

First of all, Quinn learned how, exactly, Coleman has come to be brought on the show. That’s right, Rachel’s betrayal was unearthed and Quinn is not taking it well. Which she shouldn’t, but on the other hand she did take the show back from Rachel in one fell guilt-free swoop so… Et tu, Brute amiright?

Rachel, on the bright side, is fraternizing with the ennemy. Ennemy whose surprising choice when he picked Chet’s version of Everlasting quickly turned to be a carefully planned manipulation in order to get the show back in the right hands. While Coleman may be a novice when it comes to reality TV, the network knew what is was doing when they brought him in. Still, these two have chemistry and I’m into it so bring on Raleman. Colechel? ANYWAY.

Before all this happened however, Quinn and Rachel sunk to new manipulative lows when they hired a fake mother for one of the contestants who neded to be…let go of. More intriguingly, Darrius appears to 1. have a crush on black activist Ruby (and her red dress. Which I’ll admit I’m coveting, does anyone know which brand it is?!) 2. have a injury serious enough to have him stuck in bed. Which for a football player who wants to renew his contract is problematic, you’ll agree.

Last but not least, actual manchild Chet kidnapped his own kid. I’ll admit I’d forgotten his ex-wife was even pregnant, I’d just assumed she’d, um, miscarried or never actually was pregnant but whey hey, the child exists, it’s a boy, and it’s now in the oh-so-capable of born again Chet.

The season is now fully in motion and this becomes abundantly clear in the UnREAL promo for episode 4: “Treason”.

  • Following Rachel’s betrayal and alliance with Coleman, Quinn’s plan is apparently to destroy Everlasting if it’s the last thing she does. Crying contestants, an injured suitor, and an ominous “good luck getting yourselves out of this one”…things are looking dire. Knowing the producers and the audience however, this might just bring in the “suicide ratings without the suicide” that Gary wanted.
  • Is Darius’ injury serious enough to prevent him from playing? Is that the real reason he’s on Everlasting, and not to erase the “bitch, please” comment he made to that reporter? Looks like we’re going to know more soon.
  • Ruby clearly pushes some of Darius’ buttons and I’m looking forward to see how that develops even though he played prince charming to a wounded Chantelle. Seriously. This guy keeps swooping in to save these damsels in distress (or pretending to be), but none of it seems genuine unless it’s with Ruby.
  • While I really want Rachel and Quinn to come out of this stronger, watching them go head to head is going to be interesting. So…bring. It. On.

That’s it for this week, tune back in next Monday for more insanity and amazing TV!

UnREAL airs every Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime 

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