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‘Lucifer’ Casting News: BSG alum, Tricia Helfer joins season 2 as Luci’s mum from hell

Hello, #Lucifans! When last we left off with our favorite devil, Lucifer was far from his usual glib, charming self. In fact, Luci was downright freaked over the prospect that a big and bad someone had escaped their cage in hell. Who escaped? Lucifer and Amenadiel’s dear ol’ mum and judging by the duo’s reaction, Dr. Linda will be racking up even more billable hours. Good for her. Though, honestly who wouldn’t want these two hanging out on their couch all season long? Bring on those mommy issues, boys.

Image source: Michael Courtney/FOX
Image source: Michael Courtney/FOX

Battlestar Galactica alum, Tricia Helfer, joins season 2 as Luci’s hell-raising mama. According to TVLine, Helfer has traded in that iconic red dress, but just as with her Cylon persona, Luci’s mum finds no value in humanity. This is a direct contrast to Lucifer who was very much fascinated with humanity and his own growing understanding of them. It seems safe to say that Charlotte will not be inviting Lucifer’s favorite human detective to family dinner anytime soon. Knowing how protective our favorite minion is over Lucifer and her sometimes lover, Amenadiel, I’ve got to wonder what kind of reception Charlotte will receive from Mazikeen.

The Mother of Angels escapes hell after being imprisoned in hell for thousands of years by her ex-hubby…ya know…God. Is it wrong that now with Helfer’s casting, I’m picturing her former castmate James Callis (Gaius Baltar) as the face of God?

Image source: Syfy/Battlestar Galactica
Image source: Syfy/Battlestar Galactica

Wrong? Well, until Idris Elba pops up as Charlotte’s ex this will be my headcanon. What do you think? Who would you cast as Amenadiel and Lucifer’s dear old dad?  Hit the comments and let me know.

Helfer’s other previous credits include: Ascension, Rick and Morty, Con Man, and Suits. 

Lucifer returns for Season 2 on Monday, Sept. 19 at 9/8c.

(Image source: Syfy/Ascension) 


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