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‘LEGO Dimensions’: New characters include HARRY POTTER!

Following its 2015 success, Lego Dimensions is expanding! This means new characters, worlds, and stories!

No doubt, some of our readership are also part of the gaming scene. Video games based on our favourite movies can be a fantastic way to delve deeper into the worlds that we fell in love with cinematically – an entirely immersive experience. But, what’s even better than falling down the rabbit hole and into the big screen of one movie? Superior, perhaps, is stumbling across a game where many fictional realms converge into one big, malleable multiverse.

That is exactly what TT games does in LEGO dimensions. Originally released last year, the platform resembles that of Disney Infinity and Skylanders: a device (the ‘portal’ as seen below, in this case) registers the characters that you want to play as by detecting them in physical toy form when placed on the hub. However, the toys here are actually made of LEGO, and the need to reassemble the blocks into new shapes to complete challenges is a big part of the game.

lego dimensions
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Lego Dimensions was incredibly successful last year. Most probably so because of the diversity of the characters and worlds it has to offer. Some argue that Disney Infinity is an inherently better game; however, it is limited to Disney and Disney Pixar characters. Whereas, TT games appear to be masters of license-borrowing. The original game featured Back to the Future, Portal 2, Lord of the Rings, Scooby Doo, DC Comics, The Simpsons, The Wizard of OZ, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World characters, as well as those that were created for The LEGO Movie. Which, just makes for a more interesting mesh of tones and styles for players to toy with.

Following the E3 2016, Lego Dimensions has announced they will be releasing six new story packs, which will carry their own adventures. So, instead of creating a brand new game, they have decided to build upon the platform they’ve already got. Also, all of the toys bought in previous games are compatible with the new expansions. So, this adds to the game’s versatility. I think the ending of the trailer above highlights how interchangeable the worlds in the game actually are. We see Gollum desperately reaching for ‘The One Ring’ only to have Sonic come racing in and snatch it first. Comical and clever, just like all the Lego Games – they do have a unique charm.

Anticipation is building brick by brick within the gaming community as fall approaches and the release draws nearer! New characters, worlds, and adventures that will be available include: Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Adventure Time, Sonic, The Lord of the RingsGremlins, The Goonies, Ghostbusters (reboot)Beetlejuice, ET and future possibilities are virtually endless. As Arthur Parsons, Co Game Director, says in the interview with PlayStation.Blog below:

“Lego can be anything; anything can be Lego!”

The estimated, starting, release date for the new Lego Dimensions expansions is September time. So, keep your eyes peeled for the revival of some film favourites, old and new. Let us know in the comments if you’ve played the original game! How excited are you about TT games’ plans to further expand this multiverse of pop culture!


Hannah McLaren

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