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‘Aquarius’ 2×1: Top moments and what the season could hold

This recaps Aquarius 2×01 aired June 16, 2016.

Season 2 of Aquarius has kicked off and, man, did it open with a bloody bang. Last year, NBC debuted the true-ish crime drama starring David Duchovny as an LAPD cop hunting Charles Mason. Then, right after the premier, they released the entire first season on line for our greedy, binge-watching selves. This year, they opted to kick off Season 2 with a two-hour, commercial free event. I could recap every detail for you but, I know you’re so busy so important (SBSI). I respect that.  

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I’m going to take a look at the episode’s key moments, critical newcomers, and tell you why this season has so much potential, then you can watch it for yourself to get all the nitty gritty detail. 

Key Events:

The Tate/LaBianca Murders:

Considered two of the most notorious murder cases in modern history, this episode gives insight into the culmination of the Manson Family crime spree. The episode opens August 8th, 1969, 18 months after the events that closed out season 1. A very pregnant, very covered in blood Emma looks shell-shocked. When she begins to melt down, Charlie, you know Charlie MANSON, grabs her, forcing her to repeat, “There is no birth without death” and gives her a St. Christopher necklace to leave on a dead body. Because forcing a pregnant woman to say that wasn’t QUITE creepy enough.

image: whathappensinmediaplanning
image: whathappensinmediaplanning

It also flashes forward to the night of the Tate murders, specifically that of Steven Parent. I’ll save the details, because I like you.

A New Case for Mulder … I mean Sam Hodiak:

He’s still investigating Manson, and avoiding the Internal Affairs Bureau who have a witness to last season’s little murder incident, and now he’s getting photos hand-delivered to LAPD of women, tied up, tortured and murdered. Because he needs that. Sam has fully rekindled his romance with the girl from One Tree Hill, Emma’s mother, has a medal of valor, and has Claire Holt undercover trying to bring down the bike gang that is associated with Manson. This case, however, could be a great addition for the season.

Charlie Manson has mean prison friends:

I know. It’s shocking.

image: gifhell.com
image: gifhell.com

Apparently Charlie has some pretty mean friends from his stint in prison who decide to move in with him. And threaten him, threaten his girls and are basically overtaking the entire operation. What does Charlie do? He poisons them. It is pretty bad. But it is Charlie Manson … so … there is that. 

New People

First off, we meet 17-year old Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel aka Patty aka Katie. In case you missed this, Manson is the type of guy who’s like, “hey, what’s your name? Yeah…I’m going to call you something totally different.” Anyways, Charlie charms her outside of a dumpster by saying creepy stuff and kind of making out with her hand? Whatever. He’s such a romantic. Patty plays a pretty major role in the Mason Family so, we will see how they develop this character.

We meet also meet Charles “Tex” Watson. Tex, like most of Charlie’s family, starts as a nice guy. He’s kind, good with cars, and, unfortunately for him, very trusting. Then he meets Charlie. Flash forward, we watch him shoot 18-year Steven Parent in cold blood.

Dennis Wilson is also introduced this episode, as in founding member of The Beach Boys Dennis Wilson. In this episode, he and Charlie bonded over overbearing fathers and music. In reality, Wilson did have a brief association with Charles Manson and the Manson Family. Gives a little different meaning to ‘California Girls.’ Sorry, Uncle Jesse. 

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Why this season can rock:

  1. A new case for Hodiak can certainly give his character a little more umph. Plus the case itself is fascinating.
  2. This season is 100% setting up the madness of the Manson Family. I will add that if you know much about Manson, his family and the Tate/LaBianca murders, this entire show will be much more interesting. So read up, ya’ll.

How Claire Holt is amazing:

I know that I didn’t mention her much above, but this show gives her some serious range. She’s funny, smart and tough as Charmain Tully. She’s a female cop in the 1970s and while that gives some cringe-worthy moments of blatant sexism, Tully takes it in stride. This season, we see her character grow from young rookie to undercover badassery. Slay, girl. 

image: wifflegif.com
image: wifflegif.com

Catch NBC’s Aquarius Thursdays, 9/8c.

What were your thoughts on the first episode of ‘Aquarius?’ Let us know below or keep up with the show on the Pure Fandom mobile app!

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