‘UnREAL’ promo: 2×03 “Guerilla” teasers and predictions

Why hello there, Kostos from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it’s nice to see you again! This new ‘UnREAL’ promo for episode 3, “Guerilla” is all about power and who gets to manage Everlasting. The title seems particularly fitting as in 2×02, Rachel’s plan to covertly regain control over her lost executive producer position by thwarting both Chet and Quinn in one well swoop backfired spectacularly. Instead of becoming the new Quinn (again), the network called in someone they’ve been desperate to work with to intervene in these games: Coleman Wasserman.

I must say, I feel like we were spoiled last year because in an effort to hype the show (it doesn’t need it, UnREAL is truly one of the best shows on air right now) Lifetime released the first four episodes in one go. For season 2, episodes are coming out one at a time and to put it simply…

When you binge watch a show, but then you get all caught up so you have to wait a week for each episode like a peasant. (- an old Tumblr proverb)

Thankfully, there are promos for each upcoming episode and this one promises an incendiary episode 3. Let’s get to the predictions!

  • Behind the scenes at Everlasting is the Bachelor/Hunger Games mashup you never knew you wanted. In the end, who will still be standing to claim this new season of their hit show? Pill-popping Rachel who’s slowly turning into the mess her mother always predicted? Ruthless Quinn? Born-again Chet and his smarmy accolyte Jeremy? The new documentary guy? All bets are off at this point but I’m hoping in the end Quinn and Rachel’s friendship comes through and the show is theirs again.
  • Between the Blacktivist™, the offensive southern belle, the not-so damsel in distress Hot Rachel, Quinn’s wifey, Rachel’s “blifey”…Who’s going to be let go of first? More importantly, who’s going to make it till the end?
    Beth-Ann created quite the stir, and since she and Ruby are good material for ratings, I’m betting they’ll stay at least a little while. Unless Ruby up and quits, which wouldn’t surprise anyone, but that girl is smart and if she wants to still do good through this medium, she’ll stick it out. Hot Rachel is a lot more manipulative and resembles Actual Rachel Who Is Hot Too, Come On in more than looks. I can see her staying too. Chantal would make a way more interesting wifey than Tiffany if I’m being honest so…yes, if for once the white, blue-eyed, blonde girl was eliminated soon-ish despite her football affiliation, it would make things interesting.
  • Rachel will get worse before she gets better. Her mother is a hanfdul to say the least, but the show’s therapist is right to be worried about Rachel getting triggered by losing the production of the show to Quinn, even if it’s (supposedly temporary). I just hope she doesn’t go too dark and can come back from it.
  • There have been rumors or rather fan theories that this year’s suitor may be gay and after seeing “Insurgent” I could see it happening. It would be an interesting twist and it’ll be intriguing to see how this unfolds. So far, Darius doesn’t have much chemistry with any of the girls he’s been seen interacting with (although him carrying Hot Rachel out of the pool was pretty swoon-worthy), but we’ll see what happens. One thing’s clear: he won’t be the one falling for Rachel this time around. I’m excited to see her get more screen time with Kostos Coleman though. Anything to stop those tears, please.

That’s all for this week, I can’t wait for the next episode!

UnREAL airs every Monday at 10/9c on Lifetime 

(image via Lifetime)



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