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5 things we loved about The Vampire Diaries season 7

The Vampire Diaries season 7 did not fail to please us, and the fandom was enticed with a great season with some epic highs and lows! The writers definitely brought their A-game to this season, especially with a main character down (Elena Gilbert). Despite Nina Dobrev’s presence being missed, the season did blossom without her, and it allowed for new characters to be introduced and for continuing characters to be further developed.

With a shift of main characters fronting the show, it could have resulted in a disaster but this was certainly not the case. I, myself, was majorly impressed with the brand new story-lines brought to us this season. Bravo to season 7!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 things that was brought to us with The Vampire Diaries season 7:

5. The introduction to new characters

  • The Heretics

The addition of Lily Salvatore and her family of Heretics to the show was a brilliant idea! It allowed the writers to fill the gap of what would seem ‘missing’ with Dobrev’s departure from the show. What’s not to love about a group of half vampires/half witches, right? The brand new characters sculpted a lot of season 7, with them seemingly being deemed the new villains at first, but laters turning into important allies.

  • The Huntress

The Huntress, Rayna Cruz, was foreshadowed for a while before we got to be formerly introduced to her, and when we did, it was certainly not a disappointment! The Huntress story-line allowed the writers to explore new mythology and bring to life another kick-ass strong woman to the show. Despite us mostly hating Rayna, her character was one of my favorites from season 7! Did you dig Rayna Cruz? Or did you downright despise the Huntress?

4. The flash-forwards

The first half of season 7 had clips of flash-forward scenes, three years into the future. There was the build up of the Huntress, the teasing of the new romances, the shocking character revelations (like Bon-Bon in a mental institute), and so much more. I have always loved the flash-back scenes, so I thoroughly enjoyed the flash-forwards. It also allowed our minds to try to predict what da fucque was happening sometimes, making it all the more exciting when we finally found out what really was happening. Did you enjoy the flash-forwards and then the time-jump?

3. The new romances

Season 7 of TVD developed new romances we thought we’d never see.

  • There were flashbacks to an oldie with Stefan and one of the Heretics, Valerie, where we saw Stefan’s apparent first love develop, but it sadly has a tragic ending – at least it wasn’t another doppelgänger love story.
  • Matt Donovan developed a new love interest (finally) — Penny Ares — which turned out to be his epic love. However, the joyfulness didn’t last long after a tragic accident results in Penny’s death, leaving Matt heartbroken.
  • How about that Alaric and Caroline ‘get together’? Of course we know Caroline truly loves Stefan and was with Alaric more for the sake of their family. What a shock it was learning that Caroline gets pregnant with Ric’s unborn babies. This new ‘romance’ was an interesting one, but I am very glad Caroline and Stefan found their way back together again.
  • My number one favorite new romance was, of course, Bonnie and Enzo. Weren’t these two just adorable? Enzo wooed Bon-Bon like any man should, and their love blossomed into something great and downright enviable. Finally, we got to see Bonnie getting the loving she truly deserves. C’mon guys, no denying — you didn’t dig Enzo this season? *insert heart eye emoji*
  • Last but not least, I have to give a little shout out to Bamon!! Their friendship grew tremendously this season, and it was also faced some major rough patches. Bonnie and Damon’s relationship is one I admire and hope to see more of next season.

2. Bonnie Bennett turning bad

Seeing Bonnie Bennett turning bad in season 7 was quite a shock, but it was slightly satisfying to see! With Bonnie’s life hanging on the line, Damon and Enzo took desperate measures to save her, which ended in her life being saved by the Huntress. However, Rayna Cruz left out the small print with her handing over her last life to Bonnie – she would take over her role as the Huntress! Uh-oh indeed! Tables turned from Bonnie always saving her friends, to her now hunting them down. Luckily, they managed to stop her vampire-killing urges in the end. Wasn’t that story-line intense, though?

1. Damon and Stefan’s brotherly bonding

With Elena trapped in a deep sleep for a good few decades, the Salvatore brothers had the opportunity to put aside any love-rivalry in the past and focus on their relationship as brothers. Season 7 brought many ups and downs, so with the brothers united (for the most part), they could face the problems together. Damon and Stefan would literally do anything for each other and, yet again, this was proven in the current season. The season ends with Damon and Enzo loose, causing havoc (with no souls thanks to that thing in the vault in the Armory). Damon will need his brother even more now. Let’s hope with season 8 we carry on to see more of their brother-ship developing.

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