5 actors who could succeed Marianne Jean-Baptiste on ‘Blindspot’

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Blindspot is on the hunt for a new boss this offseason, having written out Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Assistant Director Bethany Mayfair in the penultimate episode of Season 1. Being in charge of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group is not an easy job and it won’t be easy for any actor to mesh with the talented cast of the NBC drama. So who could take Jean-Baptiste’s chair? Here are five names we’d like to throw into the ring.

1. Mark Valley

It feels like there’s some sort of unwritten rule that Mark Valley has to be on TV every 15 minutes, and he currently doesn’t have a regular gig. He’s got the qualifications, having played an FBI agent on Fringe and a CIA Assistant Director on the short-lived Crisis. But more importantly than that he’s a certified badass who would fit right in with the team. The former Human Target star has great action chops and a wry personality that would go well with that of Sullivan Stapleton – plus who wouldn’t want to see them fight people together? It all adds up to someone who would be anything but a stereotypical boss.

2. Sharon Stone

Anyone who joins Blindspot has to have believable authority over Sullivan Stapleton. He’s such an intense actor and his Kurt Weller is such a strong character that you must find somebody that he’d plausibly follow. Sharon Stone just spent an entire season ordering around Jeff Hephner on Agent X, and she did it in style. She has that strong personality and after playing the Vice President of the United States being the head of an FBI unit should be easy as pie. The question would be if she’d want to head to New York, where Blindspot is filmed, to join another series.

3. Michelle Lukes

We’ve been pleading for a Strike Back reunion since Blindspot started, so why not hire Strike Back‘s female lead? Anyone who saw the Cinemax series knows how tough Lukes can be and also how impressive of an actress she is. She would bring just as many layers to her character as Jean-Baptiste was able to convey for Mayfair, and she has proven chemistry with Stapleton (plus fans could be amused by his love interest on one show outranking him on another one). Lukes deserves an opportunity to break into the American TV market, and Blindspot would give her a great launching pad, while the show would gain another lead capable of kicking butt.

4. Costa Ronin

The star of The Americans finished the current Season 4 with his character seemingly on the way out. If that does turn out to be the case, Blindspot should consider snapping him up to fill its vacancy. Ronin’s performance as Oleg Burov has been the best-kept secret on the FX show and his profile should be rising. It would be fantastic to see him get an opportunity like Blindspot, and he’d be able to hold his own with the rest of the cast. And on The Americans he’s had plenty of experience playing scenes navigating bureaucracy so he’d be able to handle the office politics with ease.

5. Alfre Woodard

If Blindspot is looking for another strong woman of color, then let’s take a glance at Alfre Woodard. This is the woman who told off Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: First Contact and Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War. She does not take crap from anyone. But her recent TV roles haven’t served her well (Desperate Housewives, State of Affairs). The only issue is that Woodard is now a regular on Luke Cage for Netflix, but given how streaming shows sometimes have different shooting schedules, might NBC be able to lure her back for a handful of episodes of Blindspot?

We’ll have to wait until this fall to see who Blindspot hires for the Assistant Director position or if it adds anyone at all (could Weller really keep that involuntary promotion?). But there’s certainly no shortage of possibilities, so this is one mystery we’ll be hoping to see answered.


Brittany Frederick

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