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‘The 100’: Did Season 3 deliver?


Alright ya’ll, we have had some time to digest Season 3 of The 100 and its time to reflect. Back before season 3 started, we made a list of 5 things we wanted from season 3 so let’s see where we landed with those wants!

1. What we wanted: Answers about Alie

What we got: Answers! We started the season with a million questions about the lady in red. Going into the third season, we knew that she may have had a hand in the end of the world, but the how and why and what were very hazy. Over the course of the season, we got all the answers we were looking for and saw the rise and fall of ALIE. Her intentions were to save humanity by torturing them until they took the chip. You see, Mama Earth is on brink of destruction, yet again, and ALIE was trying to preserve humanity in her warped AI way.

What we didn’t expect: The ties to the Grounders. In a crazy, cool twist, the OG commander was actually ALIE’s creator. The Grounder religion is actually based on ALIE’s creator and the Flame that she used to save people on Earth. Very cool.

2. What we wanted: New territories

What we got: We didn’t get the Ice Nation, like I wanted, but we did get to see the rig that Luna runs. Luna, one of the last Nightbloods, was Clarke’s last hope for the Flame. Using Lincoln’s journal, they were able to track her down and we got to see what a peaceful, non-violent Grounder community looks like. I still want to see more of the standard Grounder life. I want to see the villages, the people, where they live and how live. Also, (chants) ICE NATION. ICE NATION. ICE NATION.

What we didn’t expect: Must I say it again? Ice Nation. I really thought we would see more of those chilly folks.

3. What we wanted: Bellarke, Bellarke, Bellarke

What we got: They were apart all damn season, but finally toward the end, Bellamy and Clarke were reunited. Clarke is great. She stands on her own and kicks ass like the bad – ass she is. Bellamy is great too. He had a super odd arc this year, but for the most part, these two function without each other just fine, but they are better together. Bellamy is less of a tool when he is held more accountable and is with someone who trust him (that’s the key with our boy) and Clarke always shackles herself with enormous amounts of responsibility. When they are working side by side, they tend to balance the other out. Clarke leans on Bellamy and Bellamy supports Clarke. The last episode hinted at a shift in their partnership. Clarke was “dethroned” and they stood as equals together, ready to face next season’s troubles, together.

What we didn’t expect: The levels of emotion when they came face to face after everything that happened. Bellamy’s complete honesty about his feelings was also something that I loved, but didn’t anticipate. He laid it out there and said how hurt he was. Clarke has always been so guarded and stoic when it comes to her emotions. The scene in Arkadia when they finally had a chance to hash it out was amazing and intensely emotional.

4. What we wanted: Clexa, Clexa, Clexa.

What we got: We got it. It happened. It was everything we wanted. Lexa and Clarke finally got together and were one of the most epic love stories to hit our screens. They betrayed, they fought, they bonded and they loved. It was beautiful and that is what made the loss of Lexa that much harder. Controversy aside, losing a love story as wonderful and full of potential as Clexa was just plain sucks. It was a major bummer but I loved that just when we thought Lexa was gone forever, she jumped back in to save her true love. The finale gave us even more amazing moments to cherish. They hugged, they kissed and Clarke told Lexa that she loved her. Most importantly, Lexa was given the send off she deserved. She went out fighting like the incredible warrior she was.

What we didn’t expect: The stray bullet. (Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.)

5. What we wanted: The Crew. I want more of the original group (Clarke, Jasper, Monty, Octavia, Bellamy and Raven) and I want them all back together.

What we got: We didn’t get it until the end of the season, but it happened! The crew was reunited and it felt so good! The finale delivered a sort of happy ending. Everyone hugged it out and it was pretty great.

What we didn’t expect: That it took so damn long to happen. I love all of the stories but I think this show IS the core crew so having them apart was a drag.

Season 3 had some misses, but overall, it delivered. It just took a little longer to get there than the previous seasons. Season 4 will learn from it and be epic, in my opinion.

RATING: 3.7 out of 5 stars!

What did you think of this season? Let’s discuss! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND hit our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps and polls!

May we meet again!

The 100 returns to the CW in 2017. 


Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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