‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Review: Jean Grey equals bae

This review is for X-Men: Apocalypse, out May 26, 2016.


Let us first start by saying that while the reviews were horrible (we remember one critic calling it a “franchise killing disaster”), it wasn’t that bad. It’s definitely not an A or B rating, but it wasn’t as bad as X3.

It wasn’t your fault, Famke.
We figured the best way to break this down is by mapping out the good, the bad, the OK, and the WTF. Let’s get to it.

The Good

Jean Grey

Seeing Sophie Turner play a role that didn’t require her to be a whiny brat was refreshing – and also surprising. We were expecting to see a little Sansa Stark in there, but we think she killed it. The part where she unleashes her “Phoenix” was one of the better parts of the film, and we’re hoping it sets the stage for a solo Phoenix film to fix whatever the f**k happened in X-Men: The Last Stand. (We’d also be fine with Famke coming back for a cameo, for the record.)


Evan Peters can do no wrong in our book, and he came back again as a fan-favorite in Apocalypse. He had another great scene showing off his skills, and while it wasn’t as good as his one from the previous film, it still gave us the feels were were hoping for. Side note: We’re also happy that he didn’t reveal to Magneto that he’s his son. We have a feeling that scene would have put everyone over the edge with a collective groan.

Erik being good because of Charles/Raven

As we said, we’re glad Erik didn’t turn a new leaf because of his son. He’s been through a lot with Charles and Raven, and they deserve the recognition of family from him.


He stole the show in some scenes, and his CGI effects were actually warranted and fun to watch. He also held more significance in this movie than we expected, and we loved it.

Mystique’s final outfit

They finally paid homage to one of Mystique’s classic looks. #GolfClap

The reason Professor X went bald

That was great to finally see on-screen. Moving on!

The Bad


Could we at least have gotten one scene where she uses her powers? The best part about her role was her voluminous pigtails. The rest … why even have her in the film? What Singer should have done is give Rogue the cameo she deserves (and is already filmed but wasn’t used.) Just take the unseen footage from Days of Future Past and make it a Jean-dream. Boom. Done. You’re welcome.


She was … fine. Maybe it was Jennifer Lawrence’s lack of excitement when promoting the film, “you don’t have to see it … God my acting his horrible!” that made it “meh”, but it felt like she lost the spark she had in the prior two films. We love Mystique. She’s one of the most iconic superheroes of all-time, and she’s one of the only female superheroes that has a shit ton of screen time. Embrace it, JLaw, because you’re badass – and we won’t be excited if you aren’t.


The OK

Wolverine’s cameo was great, but a tad too long. He’s our favorite X-Men by far, but we would have preferred that they just show the claws and allude to the fact that he took out an entire group of bad guys, rather than have a too-long scene with an underaged Jean Grey. Trust us, no one forgot that he’s getting his own solo-film (again.) We’re excited about it! Give us a tease to keep us wanting it even more.



Yes, his powers were badass; and yes, he is big and blue in the comics, but there was something about all that makeup and horrible (we mean, horrible) lines that made it cheesy and eye-rolling. When he first emerges in Cairo and teaches himself English and the gazillion years he missed while sleeping from a TV, we wanted it to be epic. We tried to feel the power he was brewing up, but we couldn’t help but feel lackluster. Oscar Isaac is one of the most sought-after, handsome, and talented actors in Hollywood. The fact that he said, “we’ll burn this world down and make a better one”, like, three different times, was a slap in the face. His role did get better, though, when he had his whole horseman crew together. Maybe it was all the costumes/CGI?

Psylocke’s … cameo?

We were expecting way more of Psylocke in this film. Not only did Olivia Munn actually look like a superhero, she was fierce, mean, and played a killer villain (for the scenes that she actually did get.) We’d be fine with her taking on more of a starring role in whatever/whenever the next film will be – or why not give her a solo film? HA! Of course we’re kidding – why would a stunning, talented, badass female role like that ever deserve its own solo film, when there are movies like this:
We tried to find an Eric Bana-Hulk GIF, but the internet has seemed to try to forget that film, too.


All in all, go see it. It has its moments. The last two films were so damn good that we just wanted this one to blow it out of the park. Hey, there’s always the next one!


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below (we only covered a fraction of the film), and check out more movie and Marvel news on Pure Fandom!

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