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‘Supernatural’ recap 11×23 “Alpha and Omega”


Season 11, Episode 23, “Alpha and Omega”, Aired May 25, 2016

OMG. What an ending to what might be the best season since Season 5. It was so satisfying and then bam, with the one – two punch at the end. Let’s discuss, shall we?

We start right where we left off. We get some good news to soften the blow of the impending doom happening outside and it’s that Cas is alright! Bad news is that Amara’s little zap fest has critically injured God. Fear not, the crew will figure it out, right? Nope, they are just gonna have a drink in the bunker!

Meanwhile, across the pond.  We also meet a new player in the world of monsters. We find out that she is actually a Woman of Letters from the England branch. She even has a Winchester wall of mug shots (which I totally want in my home, BTW). As shiz starts to fall apart, she hops on a plane to the states to shut down the boys. (More on that in a minute!)

Back to the bunker. I love having them all together! Crowley, Rowena, Chuck, Cas, Sam and Dean sit around contemplating the end of days and Dean does the sensible thing. He goes on a beer run! Sam seems to be the only one who is still looking to fight. They hatch a plan to gather souls into a crystal and use it as a bomb against Amara because as God dies, so does the sun. No sun means no more life on earth. You with me? Good.


Time for a hunt! To gather the souls, Sam and Dean head to a haunted house, Crowley goes to Hell and Cas goes to Heaven. I loved the throw back feel of a real ghost hunt. It was so very season 1, in a great way. They do pretty well, but they get an added jump to their crystal – soul – bomb when Billie, the Reaper shows up to donate all the souls they need. What will they do with these souls? Stick them in into Dean! He is the only one who can get close enough to Amara to detonate it. Not cool guys.


Dean’s goodbye. The only way to save humanity and earth means that Dean must sacrifice himself. Before Dean goes to face his fate, they make a stop at Mary’s grave. (SOB) It’s a super emotional moment. Dean tells them all that he wants his ashes at the graveyard and then rips our hearts out when he turns to Cas. He tells him to take care of Sam and they hug it out and Cas even offers to go with Dean. GUYS. He was going to go die with his BFF. That’s love. Also, Dean’s funeral sounds like it will be epic, ya’ll. Nothing is as touching as the goodbye between Dean and Sam. It calls back to the pilot and it’s just perfect.

Go time. Dean heads out to talk to Amara with all of the souls in his chest, ready to burst. Amara sniffs out the bomb, right away. Dean does what Dean does best. He talks her down. He appeals to her love for her brother and it works! God pops in and they hash it out. God removes the bomb from Dean and they float away in a cloud of smokey sibling love. Just before Amara leaves she tells Dean that he gave her everything so she is going to give him what he wants most. The sun is also all fixed up. Yay!

A win? Back at the bunker, Sam and Cas are ready to chill after the victory but as soon as they step inside, Lady Antonia zaps Cas out and holds Sam at gun point. She tells him who she is and that she is there to take him and Dean (who Sam thinks is dead) in to the Men of Letters. Sam is like whatevs lady, I am not going anywhere but then boom! She pulls the trigger. SAM! It’s shocking, but this is Supernatural. Sam and Dean die all the time.

Cut to Dean. He has saved the day and is walking back to the bunker when he hears a familiar voice. Who is it?


Holy crap guys! Can you believe this? Did Amara just give them back their mom? She may not have been so bad after all! But what about our Sammy? Billie said that she won’t let them come back next time. She also gave a curious little farewell to Crowley. Do you think Crowley could be behind this new Billie, the Reaper situation? So many questions, yet such a satisfying finale.

And now:

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