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The best and worst moments from the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ midseason finale

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ midseason finale: Season 2, Episode 7, “Shiva,” Aired May 22, 2016

There were some midseason finale highlights, and some moments that just kind of made us scratch our heads. Can we get real honest with you about it for a second … or however long it takes you to read roughly 750 words?

High: Strand in general

We love Strand’s character, and besides Alicia, he seems to be the most emotionally stable even after losing the love of his life. Strand appears to be a character with unwavering conviction and beliefs — a lot like Maddie in our opinion. With Travis staying behind in the end with Chris, maybe Strand and Maddie can form an apocalypse power team, because Lord know, she will do whatever it takes to protect her family. We’re more interest to see Team #Strandison than anything else when the show returns.

Strand may have started out as a sketchy character, but after learning that love was what was driving him the whole time, it made him one of our favorite people on the show. Also, he’s stayed loyal to Maddie and the crew the whole time. We just love him to pieces.


Low: Travis and Chris

Chris and Travis are totally annoying us right now. It seems so odd that Chris completely lost it on this level. Yes, PTSD and underlying issues — we get it. The way the show told his story over the last couple of episodes just didn’t click. I mean, he was threatening to kill his family and shoot a young boy, and he knew what he was doing.

We don’t blame Travis for staying with his son. He knows Chris will not be accepted back after the sh*t he pulled (see: sort-of attempted murder), and his obligation is to protect his son. But telling Nick to lie to Maddie about even seeing them? What’s the freaking point? Why not just tell her that he found Chris, he’s f*cked up, and he needs to help him? WHY DID THEY SEPARATE IN THE MIDDLE OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?


Are we alone in thinking this all seems off, or forced maybe?

High: Maddie being a badass

Much like Strand, we love Maddie because she’s fierce and she’s strong. She’s picking up quickly on how this world works, and she’s straight up Olivia Pope handling it.


When she realizes that Nick won’t stay away from Celia and she’s making him loco, she takes matters into her own hands and seizes the opportunity to lock Celia in the cell full of zombies.

Later, Maddie’s pleading with Nick to get in the truck at the end was heartbreaking. She killed a woman (we’re guessing she’s dead) for her son, and now he wants nothing to do with her anyway. We can’t imagine that feeling. Not only that, but her man is missing. The desperation is felt from her character.

We will say, it was dumb as sh*t that at the end, when Nick asked her who set the place on fire, that she didn’t just say, “It wasn’t me.” She said nothing. Lawd, help these people.


Low: Nick being completely brainwashed

Why is everyone on the show losing their minds right now? We understand where they are taking Nick’s character and why. He’s an impressionable, recovering addict who’s looking to put his faith in something, and Celia gave him that. Our issue is, it seems so ridiculous that Nick would fall that far under Celia’s spell and abandon his family in a matter of days. Of course, he could be struggling with PTSD and that could be playing a major part into it … but still.

Do you agree, or are we the crazy ones here? Maybe it’s because they took our absolute favorite character (wasn’t he everyone’s?) and made him a blind follower to a woman he barely knew.

Still scratching our heads: Daniel’s final moment

We understand the purpose of his flashbacks and him hallucinating his wife, but again, his downward spiral into insanity didn’t feel realistic and maybe that’s because it all felt rushed. At least with Daniel, we knew he was struggling with something for a while. It was nice to see his “wife” telling him that he was the first victim — almost like it was putting him at peace. We’d just like to know if by some miracle, he made it out of there. Is it sad that we’re not dying to know, though?


What it boils down to, is we can’t help but hold the show to such high standards because of The Walking Dead. While we know the two shows are meant to be different in many ways, we still want the quality, the emotion, and the intensity that we’ve come to love from this Walking Dead world. It feels like Fear is right on the cusp of all that greatness. It also doesn’t help that we (like many others) watch it right after Game of Thrones.

Sound off and tell us all the reasons why we’re wrong (or right) in the comments below, or yell at us hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter.

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead picks back up on AMC on August 21, 2016

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