Why you should be watching UnREAL this summer!

Summer used to be a sort of throwaway season for TV, where the shows that weren’t good enough for prime fall premieres ended up. This, however, has become less and less true over the last few years, and I should know since for example Teen Wolf is a beloved summer show but there are countless others: You’re The Worst, True Blood (minus anything past season 2), etc.

So last June, when I was sweating it out in Houston and promos for a dark little show called UnREAL popped up, they grabbed my attention immediately. I’d seen and liked Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby on other shows, Freddie Stroma was the insufferable Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter but here he seemed intriguing…suffice it to say, I was in. The synopsis for the show is the following:

Reality TV producer Rachel Goldberg returns to the new season of Everlasting, a popular dating show, after an epic meltdown the season before. With a reputation to rebuild and the show’s demanding executive producer Quinn King  breathing down her neck, Rachel must pull out all the stops in what she does best: manipulating the contestants to create the outrageous drama the viewers of Everlasting expect.

The show was renewed for a second season which will premiere on June 6, which is a few mere weeks away! But if you haven’t had the chance to feast your eyes upon this little gem, it gives you time to tear through season 1, and here are a few reasons why:

  • UnREAL is like nothing else on air right now, it shows the dark, behind the scenes, aspects of reality TV and pushes them to extremes that will leave you shocked.
  • The show is ruthless. It will go places you won’t believe you’d ever see on TV.
  • The acting is fantastic, the characters flawed but incredibly interesting, and the chemistry between…well, I won’t spoil you, but there’s a pairing you can’t help but root for even if the timing couldn’t be worse.
  • The dynamics behind Rachel -Shiri Appleby’s character- ‘s actions are fascinating
  • You won’t ever see reality TV the same way after finding out how it really works.

And the list goes on and on, it’s just great all around. It’s not for everyone though, some will find it too dark or that it goes too far, but not trying it out at all would be a huge disservice!

If you’ve watched Season 1, check out the trailer for Season 2 and count down the days with me till the premiere!


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