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Hank Gets Framed In This Exclusive ‘Grimm’ Season 5 Finale Clip

The Grimm season 5 finale airs tonight on NBC, and the stage has been set for an epic showdown between Team Nick and Black Claw. With Adalind and Kelly in the clutches of Black Claw, Nick is ready to exact revenge and get his family back.

In this exclusive Pure Fandom clip, it looks like we may need to be worried about Hank in the season finale. In the sneak peek, Hank and Nick arrive at Hank’s house to find it surrounded by cop cars. When they go inside, they see two dead bodies — it’s the two Black Claw men that Nick killed in the previous episode.

Two cops from the North precinct have already arrived on the scene, and according to them, Hank’s next-door neighbor called 911 to report hearing gunshots before seeing Hank run from the house.

It appears as though Hank gets arrested for this set up, which is not something the gang needs to even worry about right now. Surely, this is all a set up by Black Claw. Perhaps they’re trying to distract Nick or get all of Nick’s group out of the way.

For more of a preview about the season finale, check out our EW interview with David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, where he talks about Nick and Adalind’s relationship, the threat Diana poses and the mystery miracle stick.

The season 5 finale of Grimm airs tonight on NBC with a special two-hour episode at 8/7c.

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