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‘Reign’: 4 things you need to know about “To the Death”

Season 3, Episode 14, “To the Death”, Aired May 16, 2016.

Just incase you missed Reign‘s “To the Death”, we’ve got you! It was a crazy awesome episode and here are the top 4 things you need to know.

Jennifer Lopez dressed as a stenographer putting on her glasses

Anne Boleyn was smarter than a 5th grader

Queen Elizabeth I and a chambermaid in Reign's "To the Death".
The CW

Henry VIII was a monster. For example, he had Lizzie’s mom beheaded.

Ben (Parks and Rec) cringing

In “To the Death”, Lizzie had nightmares of her mother. She kept screaming she was the Queen, but it didn’t stop Anne Boleyn’s murder. Lizzie probably felt powerless at the time and it could explain her iron fist ruling. Don’t let her issues with Reign‘s English noblemen fool you; most of Europe was terrified of the Virgin Queen.

Stephen Colbert saying, "Damn right"

Lizzie enlsited Lola to frame the noblewoman that testified against Anne and it epicly failed. Lola can’t be slick for her life. In the end, both the mark and Lola were sent to English jail. SMH.

Jennifer Aniston shaking her head and face-palming

Lola and the noblewoman became prison buddies so, the truth was revealed. A chambermaid told the Lady that Queen Anne was having an affair. Henry was already pressuring everyone for a reason to ditch his wife so, she didn’t really have a choice.

Adam Sandler saying, "Well, that sucks"

Anne Boleyn was definitely guilty of the charges, but they were committed out of fear. Anne was desperate for a son and realized that the fault lied with Henry.

Jessie (Breaking Bad)

Anne had sex with the only person she trusted, her brother. A chambermaid saw them and tattled. Lizzie was reminded of how cruel her father was. I definitely think this factors into her decision to not marry. Plus, Lizzie realized Lola’s loyal AF. So, John got to see his “mama”. Yep, John can speak and hobble now!

Big fighter men saying, "awww"

Lord Narcisse: Nobleman, Hunk, Wolverine, and the “Savior of France”

King Charles mid-throwing dice while Lord Narcisse watches in Reign's "To the Death".
The CW

Charles had the brilliantly stupid idea of gambling to raise funds for soldiers.  So, he and Narcisse went to a Casino that I fully believe should be recreated in Vegas.* Tbh, I think Charles just wanted some bonding time with Narcisse.

GIF "dollar, dollar bills ya'll"

It was all good until Charles got over-confident and royally screwed up. He actually reminds me of Francis when Bash was set to be king. Anyways, Narcisse remedied the situation by turning into a 16th century wolverine. There was basically a cage fighting event and Narcisse went in.

Woman in despair grabbing her face.

Bae-cisse can fight, y’all. He was tactical, smart, and skilled. He won the fight which earned the Crown the money it needed. Charles adorably dubbed Narcisse the “Saviour of France” and he gained some points with Catherine. I hope Christophe doesn’t find out.

Lord Narcisse fighting in with an iron claw fist looking like Wolverine in Reign's "To the Death".

PSA to all French soldiers: Invest in life insurance

King Charles and Catherine hold each other while people are poisoned around them in Reign's "To the Death".
The CW

In case you were wondering, the Red Knights were still butt-hurt about the OG 13 knights. So, naturally, they killed another set of knights.

James Franco going "wait..."

Catherine and Charles had invited the knights over for dinner. Catherine left halfway through because she had a package in her chambers. The box encased the Red Knights’ mask with a note of warning about the dinner. Catherine ran back to save her son. She returned to find a bunch of poisoned knights and a very shocked Charles. Catherine explained that the Red Knights did this to cause a peasant revolt. The only people who knew the Crown could pay the knights were currently dead on top of what was probably an amazing last meal.

Maury (Maury) disappointedly touching his face

Also, Catherine realized the Red Knights have access to the castle and can poison specific people. When your home’s been compromised, danger feels 1000x worse. What will Catherine do to fix this mess?

Winnie The Pooh tapping his head saying "think"

Damn #Mash, back at it again with the feels

For the record, I definitely don’t mean the old game. I’m talking about the bane of Frary’s existence. In a heart-filling scene, Bash admitted his love for Mary and demanded he accompany her to Scotland. The two had tag-teamed in Reign‘s “To the death” to bust Lord Castleroy out of jail. Mary created fake papers so that Castleroy and Greer could relocate and safely raise the pirate baby.

Man saying "goodbye" then disappearing.

Before we talk about that, let’s take a moment of silence for all the old wounds that Reign‘s “To the Death” opened back up: Narcisse and Catherine, Mary and Bash, now Castleroy and Greer. We get it Reign writers, you want us to be emotionally compromised.

Cory ('Boy Meets World') saying "I'm on an emotional rollercoaster"

Mash managed to get Castleroy out of jail. Then, he had the audacity to refuse helping Greer. Castleroy said he wasn’t the same man and I’m sure raising another guy’s baby wasn’t on his bucket list. However, Mary worked her magic and Castleroy agreed. The technically [still] married couple left for a new life. Then, Mary broke all of our hearts. As soon as Greer was out of sight, she collapsed into Bash’s arms and cried out, “I lose everyone”. In season 1, Mary entered French court with four ladies-in-waiting. They were her closest childhood friends. We’re in the third season and they’re all gone. None of them willingly left Mary’s side, but the cards haven’t been in their favor.

Ross ('Friends') asking, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

God bless Sebastian de Poitiers. Without skipping a beat, he embraced Mary and responded, “Not everyone.” Then, he declared his love for her. Mary’s talk with Castleroy reminded him of their love. Bash knows Mary needs to marry a king and he doesn’t care. He’s going with her to Scotland. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bash is sincere, loyal, and trustworthy. He’ll always protect Mary. P.s., scroll down for a video of the scene! #MashForever

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Let me know your thoughts on “To the Death” either in the comment section below or tweet me, @SuryaCherian. Also, check out my promo post for Reign‘s 3×15 “Safe Passage”.

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*To the interior decorator for Reign: 1. You’re amazing, 2. Have you considered doing some pro bono work? I’m asking for a friend.

Reign airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

(image: Ben Mark Holzberg | The CW)


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