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‘Game of Thrones’ 6×04 recap: Why that Dany moment was so important

SPOILER! This post recaps ‘Game of Thrones’ 6×04, “Book of the Stranger”, aired May 15, 2016

Holy shit! After last week’s filler episode (and flash back tease), we were treated this week with family reunions and another epic Dany scene. Remember when she would close out episodes being an ultimate badass? OK, so she kind of does that all the time, but this moment goes down as one of her best. Let’s get right to it and break it down!

Dany is TOTALLY taking back the Iron Throne.

Oh, would Drogo be proud! Dany is greeted by Jorah and Daario while at the Khaleesi widow-place, and their only suggestion for getting her out is to try to sneak out at night. She quickly dismisses this idea, saying she has a much better one: Talk major smack to all the simple-minded Khal’s while they decide if she stays or not, then burn them alive. Brilliant!

Is it just us, or did you, too, forget that Dany can’t burn in fire? It’s not that we forgot that she can’t burn, really; it’s that we forgot it’s a skill she totally needs to take more advantage of. She emerges from the burning building of Khals to the entire Dothraki people bowing to her, completing the final piece to her massive army. David Benioff, the show’s executive producer, referred to the moment as a “god being reborn.”

In an interview with EW, actress Emilia Clarke who plays Dany said:

“She realizes that this is the missing piece. The Dothraki are the missing piece of her crew — she’s seemingly indestructible having Dothraki on her side.”

Plus, this was an epic moment that Dany did on her own – without her dragons. She doesn’t need Drogon to show everyone she’s the badass bitch in all the lands (but seriously though – where TF is Drogon?)

Family reunion time

It’s about damn time! Jon Snow has an epic reunion with his half-sister (and rumored cousin) Sansa Stark as she, Brienne, and Poddrick reach The Wall in hopes of his protection. Sansa and Jon embrace, and they share sweet memories of Winterfell over a crappy cup of ale, and our Stark-loving hearts exploded. We’ve been wanting at least some of this damn family to reunite for seasons now, and we finally got it.

Sansa is all sorts of fierce now, and to Jon’s surprise she’s ready to take their home back. He’s over killing people, being killed, and just war in general, so he’s not so much down to clown at first. After they receive a letter from the anal-rectum-of-Westeros himself (Ramsay) saying he has Rickon and a slew of other horrible things, Jon turns to his red-haired Wildling bestie and asks him how many men he has. The Wildlings have 2,000 men who will 100% fight for Jon, and with the added men from The Vail, it looks like our Starks will finally return home with a fight.

Who would have thought back in season 1 Sansa would be the fire the true North needed to fight back? We’re glad Sansa is no longer the most basic bitch in Westeros.

The Vail

Robin Arryn is still weird as fuck, and he’s still the Lord of the Vail. Petyr Baelish finally returns, and it looks like he’s still pulling the stings. He influences all of Robin’s decisions, and he manipulates his way into getting Robin to send forces to help Sansa Stark (yeah, we forgot they were cousins, too.) In the preview for next week it looks like Sansa confronts Littlefinger about Ramsay … will he lose her trust? The dude lives for the mini-Catelyn Stark; she’s his kryptonite. As much as we love watching Littlefinger move all of the puzzle pieces, we can’t help but think Sansa will hold this one against him forever. Wouldn’t you?

HOWEVER, she could have been wed to her cousin, Robin, who’s creepier on an entirely different scale. Apologies in advance for this throwback-GIF.

Another one bites the dust

We cannot wait for Ramsay’s ultimate death scene. The writers are really amping up our hatred towards him, and this time, we lost one of our favorite Wildings. Osha gets pulled into Ramsay’s room, where she pulls her usual stunt of pretending not to care. She acts as if she was protecting Rickon only so she could sell him at some point, and for a minute we think that Ramsay believes her. Then he reminds us that Reek told him everything, and he slices her throat. THEN, he ups his serial-killer factor by continuing to eat his apple with the same knife. Not only is that unsanitary, it’s straight up sociopathic.

We hope the theories are true that Smalljon Umber has only brought Rickon back in an assassination attempt on Ramsay. We have a feeling we won’t see this come to fruition until Jon and Co. come storming in, though.

Cersei has earned her way back at the cool kid’s table

We have a feeling Cersei owned her school’s lunchroom as a kid. No one tells Cersei she can’t sit with them.


She learns from Tommen’s chats with the High Sparrow that Margaery is on her path to atonement, which would require her to make the same walk of shame that Cersei did. Of course, Marg’s grandma is not down with that, so she’s automatically on board with Cersei’s plan to bring in the Tyrell’s army to take their city back. And just like that, Cersei takes her place at the lunch table back.

Why haven’t they done this earlier? The High Sparrow has the fucking queen kidnapped, IN THE CITY. How can they all just sit there and do nothing? Like, where the fuck is the army? There are a handful of those jokers that follow the High Sparrow. If King’s Landing can’t protect itself from the Scientologists of Westeros, then they are totally screwed when the White Walkers show up.

Children, we don’t have time to explain grown-up things to you.

Meanwhile … Tyrion is off playing politician in Mereen. He invites the slave owners that are funding the rebellion for a truce, saying they have seven years to figure out how they are going to supplement their economy and rid slavery. (Fun fact: the show’s producers said they took inspiration from how Abraham Lincoln negotiated with The South during The Civil War for these scenes.) Of course, Missendei and Grey Worm think this is a horrible idea, but because Dany trusted Tyrion as her advisor they play along. Do you think this plan will backfire on Tyrion?

Oh yeah, the Iron Islands.

This is the only part from the books that hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the show. Theon returns home, and his sister is pissed. Remember when she tried to rescue him, and he didn’t go with her? We forgot, too. He tells her he is not there to claim the Iron Islands, but to help her do so. We’re all down for Theon to stop being Reek all together, but what does all of this have to do with the pending war to come? Unless Theon’s sis plans to march to Winterfell with Jon, we’re fine spending more airtime on Dany being fierce.



What did you think of the episode? Next week we get more Bran flashbacks … and it kind of looked like the White Walkers could see him. They are technically dead and seriously supernatural, so it’s not that surprising. Sound off with your comments below, and check out our Wizard World Con Radio podcasts on Game of Thrones for more crazy theories!

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