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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: 2×06 “Sicut Cervus”

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: Season 2, Episode 6, “Sicut Cervus”, Aired May 15, 2016

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead was a shockingly sad one, but we got a lot of depth added to Chris, Strand, and Daniel’s characters … and not all in a good way. Let’s break it down.


We kick things off this week on a seriously depressing note. The scene is a rural Mexican church where choir boys sing and the pastor gives a passionate speech about keeping their faith in the midst of all of the evil.

The focus on people taking communion was way too prominent for this to not be a Jonestown situation. As it turns out, someone dosed the body of Christ with poison and Thomas (Strand’s boyfriend) happens to show up to witness all of the people bleed from their eyes and die outside.


After a little hiccup that leaves Luis dead, Strand and the rest of the gang dock the yacht and head into town to get to the safe house. On the way, they come across the church with the pile of dead bodies outside of it.

They start reanimating and the group is forced to kill them. Bashing in the heads of choir boys and little girls proves to be disturbing even for Daniel and Nick (our usual unaffected badasses). During the big fight scene, a zombie gets one up on Maddie, and as she struggles to fight it off, Chris just stands there and watches with a blank expression on his face. Alicia sees what’s going on and comes to her mom’s rescue.

Fear the Walking dead Chris

Everyone makes it out alive, and they roll up to Thomas’ palatial safe house surrounded by a high wall and filled with people who work on the property. They meet Celia (Luis’ mother) upon arrival and tell her the news about her son, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

Strand finds Thomas up in his room … with a zombie bite on his arm. He apparently didn’t make it out of the church situation unscathed. Strand comforts him and they both know what is going to inevitably happen.

Fear the Walking Dead Strand and Thomas


As if we didn’t think Chris was already crazy enough, he threatens Alicia when she confronts him about not helping Maddie back at the church. She knows what she saw, and she knows something is not right with him. Whether this is a severe form of PTSD or something else, kid’s got some issues that are manifesting into a fascination with death and violence. Either that, or he has a personality split going on where he’s zoning out and unaware of what he’s doing.

Alicia tells Maddie about everything, and when Maddie addresses it with Travis, he freaks out on her and takes Chris’ side. These two are so freaking dysfunctional it’s ridiculous. You would think Travis might believe her seeing how Chris just straight up murdered someone. Keep living in your fantasy world, though, Travis.

Maddie sleeps with Alicia that night because she’s a little wigged out about getting murdered. Apparently, she has good reason to worry, because Chris walks into the room and grabs a knife while they’re asleep. He stands over Maddie and Alicia, just staring at them. It almost looked like he was going to lunge at Maddie with it for moment.

Fear the Walking Dead

When Maddie and Alicia are startled awake, they see him with the knife and he runs off. Maybe Travis will believe them now.

Chris is going full on Lizzie. You never go full-on Lizzie, because when you do, it means the end is near for you.

The Walking Dead Lizzie GIF

No one has the resources or means to properly handle mental illness in the apocalypse. It’s a harsh and sad reality, and all it’s going to take is Chris making one wrong choice … and he could be a goner. You might be thinking, ‘But could any of them really kill their own family member?’ To which we would say, ‘Don’t forget about crazy Daniel.’ That joker does not mess around.


Celia, is nuttier than squirrel turds, y’all. She truly believes that the dead will be brought back to life somehow. In fact, Daniel finds out after watching her drop a live dog down a shoot that she’s keeping zombies down in a cellar. They are family, friends, and people who worked on the property who she thought deserved to be protected from the world. Yes, Hershel had the same sentiment when we met him, but Celia is dangerous.

Daniel confronts her about it, and she doesn’t even flinch. He also realizes that she was the one who poisoned the altar bread at the church that killed all of those people. He seems conflicted about what he’s learned, and acts really weird when Ofelia comes to get him later for dinner. Is he plotting to kill her, or is something else going on with him? He also struggled with some flashbacks in this episode where we saw him strangle a young boy.

To make things worse with Celia, she’s bonding with Nick, who is already struggling with all the death he’s seen lately. Maddie catches onto their relationship and is not fond of how motherly she’s treating him. Nick is an addict who’s impressionable and fragile, and she needs to step off before she turns him into a psycho like her or offers him a “way out” that he may take.


As Strand lies with his dying lover in their bed, he offers to go with him to the other side. Would Strand really kill himself to be with Thomas and avoid living in a world without him? He gets two poison pieces of altar bread from Celia to end his life. Strand holds Thomas as he fades away, and then shoots him through a pillow to prevent him from turning.


Strand doesn’t end up killing himself, and we’re glad because he’s a great character and it would have seemed odd for him to make that decision.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead? Will Chris be able to be saved somehow, or is he a lost cause? Will Celia drag Nick down a dangerous path? How will Strand react now that he’s lost the love of his life after fighting so hard to get back to him?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c


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