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VIDEO: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 finale promo, “Gods and Monsters”

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Last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was so intense and kept us all on our toes the whole time! With Bonnie Bennett as the new Huntress, she kicked some major ass, but it also meant that some of her loved ones had to fear her due to her new vampire-murderous ways.

This resulted in Caroline and Stef on the run, Matt in serious trouble, and a near-death experience for Damon. At least Enzo showed a promising way to save Bonnie with her linked to The Everlasting. If they sever it, they could potentially save her! Here’s hoping all goes well in the upcoming episode!

Are you excited to see what is happening next? Check out the promo video for 7×22, “Gods & Monsters” and get watching! BTW guys, this is the season FINALE! *sobs* We better prepare ourselves for an explosive ending!

Let’s break down the promo video, shall we?

  • “You can’t fight it, you can’t kill it!” What on earth is inside that vault? I’m scared to find out, but it looks as if we are going to find out as Stefan and Damon team up to tackle the Bonnie problem. As we found out last week, if The Everlasting link to Bonnie is no more, then there can be a way to control Bonnie’s vamp-killing urges. However, that lies within the vault, so it looks like the trip to the Armory is a must!
  • Oh NOOO! Poor Matty! It looks like Matt may be in over his head trying to handle Bonnie. After him getting chocked by Bonnie, it looks like he is now more worse-for-wear. Can Damon, Stefan and Co. save Matt before it’s too late? We cannot loose our only human now, can we?!
  • “Whatever you’re about to say, say when this is over!” It looks like an emotional Caroline/Stef scene is up ahead! Since Caroline is now marked, she is first on Bonnie’s hit list, so her life isn’t looking too safe as of right now. It seems as if Caroline is scared she will die, so she is saying goodbye to Stefan, but Stef is staying optimistic. YES, Stefan! We need to find a way to stop Bonnie from taking all of them out before it’s ultimately too late.
  • Is Benzo doomed? Of course, there is also Enzo. The poor guy is madly in love with her and needs to deal with her attempting to kill him ever two secs. I have to say, Bonnie is scarily lethal as the new Huntress. They all better watch their backs!
  • OMG! ELENA! Did that just happen?? Of course the vault will be making you see/hear what you want to see, but it’s a nice thought to think Elena could return in the season finale. Here’s hoping Damon and Stefan can save the day!

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