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‘The 100’: Is there a traitor in Clarke’s crew?


This season has been a storm of crazy with some crazy on the side. ALIE seems to be unstoppable. She has chipped almost all of Arkadia and has now moved on to the Grounders too. Our saving grace has been Clarke and her squad. With their strong determination, their new found unity and the Flame, they can fix this, right?

Well …


What if they aren’t as united as we thought? What if one of the teens is chipped?

There were a couple things that made me wonder about this in Episode 3×14. Like how did ALIE know that Sinclair had been killed? Or what about the chipped people/ALIE getting onto the Grounder hippie oil rig? And they knew exactly what they needed to do, that ALIE needs Luna to be eliminated. How did they know this? This could all be explained if one of Clarke’s people were chipped. But who?

Let’s run down the roster of possible suspects to see who it could be.


Not a chance. If ALIE had Clarke, she would have destroyed the chip already. Not a chance.


Not likely. He has had plenty of chances to take the Flame from Clarke, mainly at the end of the last episode. He was the first one awake and saw it in her hand. If ALIE was controlling him, she would have had him swipe it right away!


I think its fair to count her out since she has already been chipped and saved. (LEAVE HER ALONE!)


He was pretty insistent that they stop hacking into ALIE’s mainframe but if he was chipped, he wouldn’t have gone with Harper to have some “alone time”, he would have stayed put. ALIE also seemed surprised when she realized that someone was hacking into her system. Monty doesn’t seem to be acting out of character. The only out of character thing he did was kill his mom but it made sense given the circumstance.


It’s fair to assume that Harper could be the one. She randomly wanted to hook up with Monty and that felt a little like something a chipped person would do (looking at your Dr. Griffin) but it doesn’t really help ALIE to allow Raven to get deeper into ALIE’s systems so we will put Harper in the “strong maybe” column.

Bryan and Miller

It’s safe to assume that these two were off being perfect and adorable because we didn’t actually see them in the last episode. BUT what if that’s because they are chipped? Maybe they are doing some of ALIE’s bidding in Arkadia! It seems far fetched but, stranger things have happened. It would explain how ALIE didn’t know about Raven’s hacking. The boys weren’t around for that.


She seems more in control of herself than ever and seems to be feeling all of her emotions but she could be the one. She has been much more composed in 3×14 but that may just be her strength and faith in Lincoln overpowering her grief. I wouldn’t count her out completely. If anyone needs to escape their pain, its O.


Oh, Jasper. He might be the most likely to be chipped of the whole bunch. He was on the oil rig. He was in the room when Luna was being tortured. He somehow escaped the torture that Luna was being put through and wasn’t that broken up when his new friend died but most of all, he seems better. Our boy Jasper was suffering from some pretty hard – core PTSD and is currently fighting with his bestie. What if Jasper took the key after Raven laid into him back in “Nevermore“? Or when Monty came back and they found out what he had to do to his mom? That is a lot to take in and it may have been too much for him. ALIE may have realized that she would need to play this infiltration differently since the Raven incident didn’t go so well. What if Jasper was the one who gave ALIE the info about Luna and the plan for her? He was also around to know about Sinclair. Ugh, this hurts my heart! ALIE is adapting. She is changing her game in order to beat Clarke. Laying low would be a great move because she could keep tabs on Clarke and still continue with her plans.

Only time will tell! Until then …


What do you think? Do you think someone in the #TeenDelinquentSquad has taken the key? Who do you think it is? Let’s discuss! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps and polls!

May we meet again!

The 100 airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9/8c! 


Meg Bonney

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