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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 1×14 “River of Time”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: Season 1, Episode 14,  “River of Time,” Aired May 6, 2016

Well Legends, we knew it would happen eventually. Carter has returned, and with Carter’s return came the inevitable crushing of our #AtomHawk hearts. It was great while it lasted. I personally will always ship #AtomHawk! Moving on to even more depressing news … Nyssara.



What in the world, The CW?!

You make us wait an entire year to see Nyssa and Sara on the same screen again. Then, we get one minute and 17 seconds! I understand you want Snart and Sara to be a thing, but Nyssara fans deserved closure! I bet you when Snart and Sara kiss, it will last more than one minute! Putting that aside, it was nice to see Nyssa and Sara together, if only for a brief moment.

Vandal Savage

Legends of Tomorrow recap
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Vandal Savage (Master Manipulator) did quite a good job this week! Vandal used his intellect instead of his army. Vandal made Ray second guess Carter. Vandal made Sara, Snart, and Mick second guess Rip. So, everyone was second guessing everyone. All the second-guessing ultimately ended in Vandal’s escape!

Ray, Kendra, and Carter


Kendra and Ray broke up.

Carter remembered who he was.

Vandal stabbed Carter.

Carter lived.

The reason this summary is so short is because it was predictable!

Time Council


The Time Council gave us a surprise we desperately needed—the Council is in league with Vandal Savage!

At the end of the episode, Rip and the Legends take Vandal Savage to receive justice from the Time Council, and it goes horribly. I know, we should be used to it by now! We find out that they believe in Savage’s message and are backing him in 2166. They send Savage back (like a bunch of idiots) and proceed to arrest most of the Legends.

Snart and Sara are the only ones left on the Waverider. It will be up to them to get their friends back. Get ready for some awesome #CaptainCanary scenes. See you next week, my Legends!

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8pm EST on The CW, and don’t forget to check out our Legends podcast and Legends coverage.

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